Police Report – Sept 2014


Sept, 2014

No longer is it acceptable for patrons of licensed premises to be served alcohol to the point where they become intoxicated. Strict laws governing the responsible service of alcohol were introduced several years ago which makes it an offence to serve liquor to a person who is adversely affected by alcohol within a licensed premises. Gone are the days were pubs and clubs filled people full of booze then turfed them out onto the street to become the problem of the public and police. Many examples of people drinking to access then creating mayhem on the streets and in their cars have led to the creation of these laws. Hotel and Club Licensees and Managers as well as employees face hefty fines and loss of liquor licenses if they serve people who are noticeably affected by liquor so don’t blame staff members or management if you are cut off from being served alcohol and served a glass of water instead. Pubs and Clubs are very aware of their responsibilities in this regard and licensed premises are monitored by police attending to ensure compliance. Past court decisions have held Licensed Premises as liable for the actions of persons when they leave their premises. Management and staff have been successfully sued when things go wrong and people are killed and seriously injured from the actions of these people. On Saturday the 20th of September, 2014 at about 6.30am the Cooroy Butchery in Maple st, Cooroy was severely damaged by fire. The fire has been deemed as suspicious by fire investigators with investigations continuing so anyone who may have been in the vicinity of Maple Street or Maple Lane at about 6am Saturday morning and saw something suspicious please contact local police or contact crime stoppers on 1800333000. A Family business has been greatly affected by this malicious act so anyone with information please come forward to help solve this matter.

The Bruce Highway upgrade is set to enter a new phase with new lane markings and significant changes in traffic flows in the vicinity of the southern Bruce Hwy interchange into and out of the Cooroy Township. One major change will see Myall street, which is the road that travels south and merges onto the previously 110km/h Bruce Hwy reduced in speed down to 70 km/h to allow for traffic to merge into a single live lane of the Bruce highway travelling south. Previous to these changes all traffic has been able to build up speed to 110km/h and then merge safely into a dedicated lane travelling south. The redevelopment of the highway has meant that this section of the highway has been temporarily reduced from two lanes down to one lane to allow for construction crews to have safe access to their work sites. Drivers who regularly travel this route need to be very aware that instead of merging into their own dedicated lane they will now be merging into a live lane with all south bound Bruce Highway traffic now in the one lane which may make it more difficult than previous to merge. Drivers need to use common sense and obey normal merging rules when merging onto the highway. The new merging lane will be fully compliant with safety standards and will be the same as most other merging lanes onto the highway. As an added safety measure Bruce Highway traffic will be reduced in speed down to 70km/h until half way down Nandroya Hill before returning to 110km/h so the impact upon your journey will be minimal. Police will be performing radar within these work sites to ensure compliance with speed zones for the safety of workman and motorist alike. Please comply with Traffic Controllers and signs as they are playing an integral role in keeping these roadwork’s sites a safe place to work and travel through.