Police Report – Dec 2014


Dec, 2014

The 2014 Christmas and New Year Holiday period is upon us and the push to keep the travelling public safe has kicked into full gear with all available police out on the roads targeting the fatal five causes of fatal and serious traffic accidents. For those of you who don’t know what the Fatal Five of traffic offences are I can advise that they are; Drink Driving, Speeding, Seatbelts, Driving whilst fatigued and driving whilst distracted and lack of attention. As of the 11th of December, 2014, 217 Queensland Family have suffered the horrendous situation of losing a loved one to a road accident with 95% of these accidents caused by one or more of the fatal five. Road safety is about people being individually responsible for their own driving habits and taking responsibility for always doing the right thing on the roads. It is not ok just break the law a little bit. It’s not ok to just speed a little bit or just talk on the phone for a minute or answer that text just that once because you’re in a rush. Driving is about having the right attitude and having the mindset that every time you get into your car you are potentially taking your life into your own hands simply by making a bad choice at the wrong time. I personally have seen the results of these bad choices. Normal everyday people, who got into their cars like they do every other day not knowing that they were about to become a statistic. Last Christmas holiday’s seven people were killed in the Central Police Region and the Queensland Police Service has set the target of zero people to be killed on our roads this Christmas New Year period. The Queensland Police Service makes no apology for taking a zero tolerance to people who breach any of the Fatal Five of offences. Cooroy Police will be out every day and night targeting drivers not doing the right thing so please do the right thing and avoid a fine or worse a serious traffic incident.

Of particular concern of late has been the number of suicides and attempted suicides that we have been attending. Several people around Cooroy have taken their own lives lately which is a huge concern and very distressing for the family and friends. Can I ask that anyone who is feeling depressed and to the point of giving up that they take the step of asking for help. There are many agencies out there who are well equipped to help so don’t try and shoulder the burden by yourself and know when to ask for help. If in need of some advice people needing help can call Lifeline on 131114 or call your local Police Station for a referral to a help agency or in an emergency Police are able to respond and call in other First Response organisations to assist.

Locals would be aware that the Cooroy Butchers shop was badly damaged by fire a couple of months ago with the Fire being deemed as deliberately lit by fire investigators. Police are following up on various leads with good information coming in from members of the Cooroy Community which hopefully will lead to an arrest over this matter. Any persons out there who has any information whatsoever about the origins of this fire are urged to call the local Police Station on 54425030 or call Crime Stoppers on 1800333000 if you wish to remain anonymous and wish to obtain a cash reward for your information.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,