Police Report July 2015

cooroy iconWARNING, Random Roadside Drug Testing is coming to Cooroy and expect to be caught if you are using illegal drugs and driving a motor vehicle.

Driving under the influence of drugs is dangerous and affects a driver’s ability to drive and increases the risk of causing a serious or fatal traffic accident.

In the past the ability of police to detect drug drivers has been hampered due to no roadside test kit being available with the only means of detecting the presence of drugs in a drivers system being to take the driver to a hospital and taking blood which was often a very labour intensive and time consuming exercise.

Just like Random Breath Testing (RBT) for alcohol police now have the power to intercept a vehicle for a random roadside saliva test to detect the presence of illegal drugs.

The drugs tested for are the drugs Methylamphetamine,  (Speed) MDMA (Ecstasy) and Cannabis.

Randomly selected drivers who are intercepted by police will be given a saliva test which is conducted by a very non evasive mouth swab which will take between 3 and 5 minutes to return a result. If the initial test is positive a second test will be completed and if that is also positive a further sample of saliva is then taken for analysis at a laboratory.

Drugs such as prescription drugs will not be tested for however if you are adversely affected by any prescription drugs to the extent that it is affecting your driving police will still have the power as they always have to take you to a Hospital and require you to provide a blood sample to a Doctor or Nurse.

Remember that the offence of Drug Driving is committed simply by the presence of one of the three drugs in the person’s saliva.

This has huge ramifications for drug users as police will now be able to randomly intercept motor vehicles and charge drivers with drug driving offences resulting in a court appearance, fine and the loss of license.

Local police will be working with the State Road Policing Command and together we will be targeting drug drivers with the end result being that we will be making our roads a safer place to drive.

Fair warning is given to any person using illegal drugs that you either give up the drugs or give up driving as the two do not mix and the ability to drive around Cooroy and surrounding areas avoiding detecting is decreasing all the time.

Don’t be fooled into switching your drug of choice to one that we do not test for as police will still have the power to require blood samples where other drugs are suspected and indicia is present to suggest same.

Also, can I remind people of the launching of our new initiative called “turning the screws on Crime” which will be coordinated by our “Volunteer in Policing” member, Anne Winning.

This initiative will be conducted on Saturday the 18th July, 2015 from 9am to 11am in the car parking area in Elm st, Cooroy outside the Cooroy State School. Members of the Cooroy Police, Rotary and the Local SES will be on scene fitting cars with tamper proof one way screws which make the theft of registration plates extremely difficult.

This service will be done free of charge and will make it more difficult for thieves to steal number plates and use them to commit other crimes around the area.




Sgt Mal Scott