Lake Macdonald Dam Improvement Project Update

On Wednesday 23 March 2016 the Lake Macdonald Community Reference Group held their third meeting at Cooroy Library. SEQ Water formed the group in 2015 to ensure community involvement in all stages of planning for the dam improvement project at Lake Macdonald. Originally built in 1965, this will be the first major upgrade of the dam since the dam wall was raised in 1980.

At the last community reference group meeting in 2015, we presented the group with a number of options under consideration for Lake Macdonald. These options included a new dam, an upgrade to the existing spillway or decommissioning of the dam.

At the most recent meeting in March, we provided an update on the options assessment process. The group also discussed a preliminary design, if we opt to upgrade the existing dam. The preliminary upgrade design includes replacing the current dam spillway with a new labyrinth spillway and an upgrade to the dam embankments. If we proceed with this option, the dam water level would need to be lowered during the construction of the new spillway to provide a safe working environment.

To support the options assessment, additional site investigations will be undertaken in May 2016 to determine rock and soil characteristics below the current spillway. Seqwater will continue to engage with the Lake Macdonald Community Reference Group during the next few months regarding dam improvement options with a view to seek feedback from the wider community early in the second half of 2016. There is also a formal comprehensive Board and Government approvals process that must be undertaken to consider all aspects of the project.

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