Cooroy Says No To Crime

cooroy policeCooroy clearly said no to crime recently with the community taking to Cooroy – Heart of Noosa Country Facebook page to express their outrage about the crimes committed in Cooroy at Sunshine Mitre 10 and their support for Cooroy police sergeant Mal Scott who was injured during one of the incidents.

“The support from the community was overwhelming with hundreds of messages for a quick recovery.  We have such a wonderful community and I very much appreciate everyone’s kind words and thoughts,” said Sgt Mal Scott.

Police have charged 5 people with more than 45 charges and Sgt Mal Scott is back on light duties this week which is a fantastic outcome all around.  Cooroy might be a small town but it is taking a big stand against crime with the installation of a CCTV camera system funded by a $200,000 grant awarded to the Cooroy Chamber of Commerce from the Australian Government’s Safer Streets program.

Sergeant Mal Scott is impressed by the system saying, “When the crimes at Mitre 10 were committed we only had a few cameras online but even that small amount of footage was useful in our investigations which ultimately resulted in the apprehension of the criminals.”

“When fully installed there will be over 20 cameras located at strategic points throughout the Cooroy CBD and they will send live feeds back to the police station.  This system will definitely be a deterrent to criminals and will also assist greatly in the capture and conviction of criminals in Cooroy,” said Sgt Mal Scott.

“This project has been 12 months in the planning between Cooroy Chamber of Commerce and the Cooroy Police.  It’s been an extensive process with a lot of work from volunteers but it is worth it as it will ensure that Cooroy sends the firm message to criminals that Cooroy is not an easy target,” said Danielle Taylor, Cooroy Chamber of Commerce President.

Initially Volunteer in Police, Anne Winning spoke to all the retailers in town about the project and having CCTV cameras located throughout town.

“Anne got overwhelming support for the project from all the businesses so we saw the value in the project straight away.  With input from myself, local businesses and the Chamber, we had CCTV specialists recommend the locations for the cameras which formed the basis of Cooroy Chamber of Commerce’s application for the grant,” said Sgt Mal Scott.

The Cooroy Chamber of Commerce was successful with their application as announced by ex-prime minister The Hon Tony Abbot MP and Member for Wide Bay, Llew O’Brien MP in a visit to Cooroy in May last year.

“In October, we received the final agreement from the Australian Government which meant we could start work on the project in November.  This is a fantastic win for Cooroy with $200,000 of investment into our town.  It will enhance the great work that is already undertaken by the Cooroy Police and is aimed at making our streets even safer by deterring and solving crime.  Installation is progressing ahead of schedule with over half of the cameras already operational and the entire project should be up and running by end of February,” said Danielle Taylor.

This project is wonderful example of what can be achieved when the community and local business work together with community organisations, businesses, volunteers and the local police all involved in the project. Under the terms of the funding, the CCTV system is owned and maintained by the Cooroy Chamber of Commerce with local businesses funding related electricity costs. The CCTV camera feeds are transmitted straight to the cooroy police station. It’s important to note that not one cent of tax payer’s hard earned money has been used to buy and install this system as it is fully funded by the Australian Federal Government through the proceeds of crime act where money confiscated from criminals is used to fund projects that make our streets and communities safer.