Cooroy Police Report Update Feb 2016

cooroy police report updateA recent event that occurred in a Noosa Hinterland town highlights the need for shopkeepers and members of the community to be vigilant in regards shop security as well as credit/debit card security.

Shopkeepers need to be very aware of locking access points to their shops at all times when the shop is not attended even during business hours. Rear doors should always be locked even when the shop is attended as offenders use detraction tactics to lure shop attendants to the front of the store so co offenders can access the shop from the rear and steal staff wallets and purses etc.

Recently, a shop owner left the shop for a very short time for a toilet break and during that time offenders have entered the shop and stole a wallet and credit cards. The offenders then proceeded to use one of the stolen cards to make purchases under $100 using the pay wave system.

The card owner realised his wallet was missing almost immediately and cancelled all but one of his cards which he had forgotten about. This card was then used in 30 odd Fraud related offences by the offenders purchasing items with the stolen card.

Due to the vigilance and good work of a fellow business owner attending police were quickly able to positively identify the main offender and commence an investigation which has now led to the Noosa CIB arresting a 24 year old Tewantin man for 30 Fraud related offences.

Police employ a number of intelligence based systems to track offenders committing this style offence, one of which is reviewing shop CCTV footage to capture images of suspects. If you are a shop owner who is yet to enter the world of technology please give serious consideration to installing a CCTV system within your shop as this not only deters offenders it also greatly increases the likelihood of the offender being caught by police. Reduced Insurance premiums and Tax deductions are an added incentive when considering installing a CCTV system.

Shop attendants also need to be suspicious of persons entering their stores wearing caps, sunglasses and hoodies as this can often be a sign that a person has unlawful intent.

Another give away is an offender wanting to use the card multiple times in the same shop using the pay wave system to make purchases under $100. This behaviour is obviously very suspicious so in this instance do not hesitate to either ask for Identification or simply request that the person insert or swipe his card and enter his pin.

If you are suspicious of a particular person a registration number of the car they leave in is also of great assistance to police should an offence be committed.

Driver drug testing will continue in Cooroy with members of the State Road Policing Command and Local police conducting random interception sites with the specific intent of testing drivers for the presence of drugs in there system.

Drivers who use illicit drugs should be very aware that legislation now exists which creates the offence of Drug driving simply by the presence of drugs being in there system which is not like the rules related to alcohol were a prescribed amount is mentioned in the charge and an offence is only committed once that prescribed threshold is reached.

If you take illicit drugs DO NOT Drive. Mandatory license disqualification and fines exist for this offence. You have been warned.

On a different topic and if you enjoy being better informed by what is happening in your community from a policing perspective can I encourage you to have a look at the My Police Sunshine Coast Blog Site which is a site used by the Queensland Police Service to issue crime alerts and provide community news. Once you visit the site you can subscribe to the site and receive regular updates sent to your device of choice.


Mal Scott

Sgt 5485