Cooroy Police Report March 2015

I’d like to congratulate the community in general for taking such a proactive approach to keeping our roads safe by continuing to report bad drivers on our roads and assisting police with prosecuting these drivers so our roads are a safer place for all.

Drivers with bad attitudes to road safety sometimes need to be reminded that to drive on our roads is a privilege and not a right and that privilege can be withdrawn at any time.

Police are becoming even more efficient in targeting recidivist traffic offenders by using such technology as camera cars which have automatic number plate recognition which can easily identify such offenders.

Police are also thinking outside the square by encouraging members of the public to use their phones (when not driving) to electronically record the more serious traffic offences such as dangerous driving and hooning offences so police can then utilise the very strong anti-hooning and repeat offenders legislation to confiscate cars and withdrawing the privilege of driving on our roads.

Several such instances in Cooroy lately have led to drivers being charged with offences as a direct result of witnesses coming forward and reporting hooning and dangerous driving and not just stating that old Chestnut comment of “Where are the police when your need them.”

Members of our community are encouraged to become the eyes and ears of the police and to report drivers with bad attitudes to road safety.

With the Easter break just around the corner Police will again be on the road targeting the Fatal Five of Life Endangering offences ie Drink Driving, Speeding, Seatbelts, Fatigue, Inattention and mobile phones.

Also, locals need to be aware that speed zones through the ever changing road works sights on the Bruce Hwy and the Cooroy southern and northern interchanges are being constantly monitored by police with fines being issued for offending drivers.

In another pleasing result for Cooroy another Break and Enter offence has been solved when an offender was caught in Brisbane in a stolen car and a search of the car revealed property which had been stolen from a house in Cudgerie Estate, Black Mountain.

This offence occurred when the occupants were home and watching TV in what police describe as a sneak type offence.

An offender, with no real ties to the area has randomly targeted this address walking in from the street and through a rear door before stealing cash and property.

Living in such a laid back place like Cooroy it is easy to fall into the trap of leaving doors and windows open and I know that none of us want to live behind locked doors 24 hours a day but maybe a compromise might be to ensure at least security doors and windows are locked especially when that particular entry point can gain access to parts of the house that the occupants are not frequenting at that time.

The apprehension and detention of this offender has no doubt stopped other similar offences from occurring so it’s another pat on the back for the police in endeavours of keeping our communities safe.

A footnote to this offence occurring is that several witnesses did see a suspicious male in the area at the time but failed to notify neighbours or police which is understandable given the fact that this area is a very low crime area however in future can I encourage all people to report suspicious behaviour to neighbours and the police and take down registration details of vehicles in case it becomes relevant at a later date.

In a separate incident a business in the Cooroy Industrial Estate has had several items stolen including a Renegade air compressor, a Hitashi Drop saw, a Boss Chain saw, 3 x Navman GPS units, 1 x Uniden UHF Hand Held Radio and a Makita Mitre saw with a 2 metre slide.

Anyone with information on the persons responsible for this thief or has had any of these items offered to them for sale please contact the Cooroy police on 54425030 or CrimeStoppers on 1800333000 if you wish to remain anonymous.

Cooroy Police are pleased to announce that we have a new member of our community who has volunteered to assist local police with duties that we would not otherwise have time to attend to.

Members of the business community will be meeting Anne soon when she attends all of our 170+ businesses in Cooroy to personally introduce herself and to also update our afterhours contacts and key holders register which needs updating.

Police often attend premises in the early hours of the morning which have been broken into or otherwise require a police response and it is always best practise to have an up to date Name and Address and phone number so we can contact the business owner to advise them of the issue at hand.

Please welcome Anne as another point of contact between the Cooroy Police and the community and feel free to discuss any suggestions or initiatives that you feel may enhance our wonderful community.