Cooroy Memorial Hall Meeting – Minutes

Board of Trustees for the Cooroy Memorial Hall

Community Hall Meeting

Held on the 9th NOVEMBER 2015

Cooroy Memorial HallA public community meeting was held in the Cooroy Memorial Hall on the 9th of November 2015 to inform the community of the current state of the hall, and seek community input.

29 members of the community attended this public meeting along with 5 Noosa Shire councilors.

It was the intention of the Board to firstly give a brief history of the hall and how the Trusteeship came to the hands of the Cooroy RSL & Citizens Club back in 1979, to explain the Deed of Grant of Land and the ownership of the hall building belong to the community.

Phil Hutchinson chaired the meeting and gave a detailed explanation of the Hall stakeholders and their roles regarding the Hall. An overview of the visible and underlying structural issues such as functionality of the kitchen and toilets facilities, plumbing, termite damage and electrical report issues was provided.

A financial report was tabled that was relevant to the Cooroy RSL as Trustees along with the RSL’s input of labour and funds. It was explained to the community that the Cooroy RSL does not have sufficient available funds, is not in a position to raise adequate funds and does not achieve sufficient income from the Hall to make continued upkeep or required refurbishment feasible.

It was also made very clear to the community that Bendigo Banks potential past funding was no longer available at this stage and it was re-enforced to the public that the Hall is ‘community owned’ but by no specific entity and that it is located on a combination of titles and that the Cooroy RSL merely act as trustees.

It was hoped that by informing the community of these current issues, members of the community would understand the needs of the hall and come together with possible solutions, such as a steering committee.

It was expressed by the community that it if no incorporated local entity is prepared to take responsibility for the hall and the present trustees relinquish the trusteeship of the hall, an option would be to pass the ownership of the Hall to state government or local council. The local councilors present at the meeting suggested this as an option and requested that Board of Trustees on behalf of the community, write to Council before relinquishing trusteeship of the Hall.

It was noted that at a meeting held with Peter Wellington MP on the 21st of October 2015 that he confirmed by letter his original advice. Mr Wellington suggested that the best way forward would be for the RSL as trustee of the Cooroy Memorial Hall, to transfer its trusteeship of the hall to new trustees, who have no connection with the RSL, and while the trustees may change, there is no intention to change the trust document. He had been informed that this is not a difficult process to have trustees of a trust replaced.

It was decided that another community hall meeting be held 4 weeks’ time and if no steering committee or other Incorporated entity come forward, we the Board of Trustees will have no other choice but to relinquish their trusteeship as outlined in the paragraph above.

In the interim, the Board of Trustees determined that the Hall should be temporarily closed to protect the safety of the community. When the hall is deemed safe, it will be reopened. Note that this does not mean the Hall will be compliant, but will no longer disallow community usage.

Meeting concluded 7.45pm

Special Board Meeting

Held 10th November 2015


Bruce Wilson, Ian Whisker, Ian Wischusen, Bruce Gregory, Angie Cull, Phil Hutchinson and Tina Mayfield

Apologies David Young

Conflict of Interest None declared

After thoughtful consideration and discussion, a motion was put forward by Bruce Gregory:

That the hall be closed until such time that the Board consider that it is stage 2 of the electrical report deemed (safe) and that the kitchen and toilet facilities are considered of a hygienic standard.

As of the 10th November 2015 the Hall will be closed until further notice.

Moved Bruce Gregory                                               Seconded Phil Hutchinson

Carried unanimously by show of hands

The meeting adjourned at 1752hh