Cooroy Memorial Hall Meeting Update

cooroy memorial hall meeting updateWednesday night’s meeting about the future of the Cooroy Memorial Hall at Cooroy RSL was well attended and it is clear that our community is passionate about our beautiful old lady. Here are the main points that came out of the meeting:
1. The RSL has made the decision to relinquish the custodianship of the Cooroy Memorial Hall at a point in time that a new custodian can take over.
2. For this to be approved, the RSL are applying to the State Government to separate the RSL Club from the Hall so that the original Deed of Grant can be set aside – the State Government who had a representative in attendance have indicated that this would happen.
3. The RSL Club will also write to Noosa Council informing them of their intentions, asking for assistance as required.
4. There were 2 motions put forward – the first of which was amended to include the second motion making a new motion which was then passed by a large majority of attendees. This motion essentially proposed the setting up of a new steering committee for the Memorial Hall, made up from interested parties from the local community and local groups with Noosa Council having overall responsibility, similar to how the Lower Mill Board was originally set up in 2004.
5. Expressions of interest for people to join the steering committee were invited and approximately 30 people have now put their names forward. This committee will meet at a date in the future to form a management committee for the Memorial Hall.
6. Until the original Deed of Grant to the Cooroy RSL is set aside, they are still responsible for the hall however, it is unlikely it will be re-opened in the short term due to ongoing liability issues and the difficulty of obtaining an independent review on the safety issues at this time of year.
7. Once a new deed has been issued to the new custodian body – the Cooroy RSL will transfer funds held in the Cooroy Memorial Hall account to the new custodians.
8. It is unclear at present as to when the Memorial Hall will be in a position to be re-opened. There are a number of health and safety codes which need to be addressed and met including Fire, Electrical Safety, Disability Access, Catering and the Toilets. Until these are met, it would be extremely difficult to get the building and its varied uses insured.
9. This will not be a quick process, everything will take time but it is a step in the right direction and once settled, the Cooroy Memorial Hall should have a bright future but it and the new custodians will still need ongoing community support.
So until the transition is complete, any questions should be directed to the Club Cooroy RSL management. Please don’t ask the staff as they are not in a position to answer these.