Cooroy Community Fight To Save The Hall

cooroy memorial hallFollowing on from a community meeting last year attended by over 100 people, a second meeting of 35 people at the Cooroy Library on Wednesday has resulted in the formation of the Cooroy Community Memorial Hall Action Group.

The main purpose of this group is to work with the Cooroy RSL who are the current custodians of the hall; State and Local Government; and other parties, with the ultimate aim of getting the Cooroy Memorial Hall re-opened after its closure in December last year.

The Cooroy Memorial Hall was closed for insurance purposes due to the general condition of the building.  This was a devastating loss for Cooroy as the hall was used for wide variety of activities such as the Blue Light Disco, community meetings, Thursday markets, community groups from tap dancers to the permaculture group, Anzac Day celebrations and the annual Cooroora Woodworkers event, to name just a few.

At the meeting this week a smaller action group was formed and is made up of community members Warren O’Neill, Paul Kluck, Carol Christensen, Harry Kirk, Soraya McLean, Wayne Schrader and Seb Vecchio.  This group aims to work with all the stakeholders to look at ways to get Cooroy’s iconic building open to the public as soon as practical.

“This isn’t going to be a quick process but the Action Group give our undertaking to continue to work at it and push for it to happen as soon as practicable.  The Cooroy RSL which is the current custodian of the hall are in the process of relinquishing this control back to the State Government.  It is the action group’s preferred option that State Government would then transfer it to Noosa Council.   That process is going to take time and we will continue to liaise with all the relevant government bodies to be a voice for the community in this matter,” said Cooroy Community Memorial Hall Action Group spokesperson, Seb Vecchio.

A Cooroy Community Memorial Hall Action Group Facebook page has been set up which will be updated with progress the group has achieved.  Go to for information or to provide feedback or suggestions.