Bendigo Bank to open in Pomona

Rick Cooper (left) is joined by Pam Hoens and Geoff Edwards from Bendigo Bank and the rest of the community committee after the announcement at the SCCFSL AGM (2)In news that will delight Pomona and Noosa Hinterland residents, Bendigo Bank will be opening an Agency Branch in Station Street, Pomona in early 2015.

The formal announcement was made at the AGM of Sunshine Coast Community Financial Services Ltd (SCCFSL) last week. The company owns and operates the Cooroy, Marcoola and Tewantin Community Bank branches of Bendigo Bank and company chairman Rick Cooper said the Pomona community spoke clearly about wanting to have a real say in its own future.

“By sponsoring the Pomona King of the Mountain Festival for a number of years we’ve been aware of Pomona’s desire to have Bendigo Bank in town. It’s always been a great idea, but now the timing is right,” Rick said.

“The initial community meeting happened in June and since then we’ve seen a steady progression over the past few months to where we are now. It’s very exciting for everyone, not just for what this means for Pomona, but also because of the track record Bendigo Bank has developed throughout Noosa. The Cooroy Community Bank branch has returned more than $500,000 to its hinterland community since 2008 and continues to be involved in the sponsorship of many community events, schools and clubs.

”More than 300 Community Bank branches across the country have now returned more than $125 million and changed the Australian banking landscape for the better. The bank has a great history of improving the banking experience because we focus on people, and we look forward to bringing that to Pomona,” Rick added.

Anticipated to open in late January or early February, the agency will be located at 3 Station Street, beside Lozza’s Rock’n Roll cafe. It will have its own ATM and will start opening three days a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, open 10.00am – 3.00pm to start with. The agency will have full banking and lending services, able to process home loans, personal loans, business lending and credit cards. There will also be opportunity to book in financial planning and business banking appointments.

Mr. Cooper said that while the news is exciting, the success of the agency will depend on the Pomona community getting behind the venture.

“Our message is simple – the more support the Pomona agency receives, the more support we can give back to the community. Every savings or investment account, every home or personal loan, every insurance policy, and every product or service we offer, money goes back into the community. As one of the new agency’s customers, you not only make a decision that benefits you, you make one that benefits the whole community,” Rick concluded.

Agencies represent about 20 percent of Bendigo Bank’s retail outlets and the new Pomona agency will be fully supported by the Cooroy Community Bank branch. Manager Geoff Edwards and his Customer Relationship Officer, Pam Hoens will oversee proceedings at both Cooroy branch and the new Pomona agency. If you have any questions regarding the new agency, call Geoff and his team on 5447 7131 for further information