Cooroy Chamber Presidents Report 2017

At Cooroy Chamber of Commerce Inc’s AGM on 6 June 2017, Danielle Taylor gave the following President’s Report:

When I look back over the activities for last 12 months for the Chamber, it never ceases to amaze me what we’ve actually managed to achieve.  We have once again racked up another huge list of achievements this year.  Traditionally I’ve spent a lot of time up here talking about all the great things we’ve done but this year I thought I’d let the pictures do the talking for us.

Danielle ran video with highlights being:

  • June 2016 – sponsored Australian Business Week at NDSHS
  • June 2016 – signed a $200,000 Federal Grant for Cooroy CCTV
  • August 2016 – Dinner with the Mayor at Cooroy RSL
  • October 2016 – Networking Meeting
  • November 2016 – Decorating Cooroy
  • December 2016 – Christmas Party Networking at Cooroy Golf Club
  • December 2016 – Christmas in Cooroy
  • March 2017 – Launched the CCTV project with 30 cameras
  • April 2017 – Australian Body Art Festival
  • May 2017 – received an Excellence Award for Community Enrichment Initiatives – Queensland
  • May 2017 – nominated Mal Scott for a Community Service Award
  • June 2017 – nominated Seb & Tracy Vecchio for a Qld Day Award
  • June 2017 – released the Kurui
  • 4000 Facebook Followers
  • Average reach of 2400 people per day on Facebook
  • Over 4000 visitors per month on
  • Nearly 2000 downloads of the Cooroy App

Watch the video:

I am sure that everyone would agree that we’ve had an impressive amount of activity over the year.  But these are just the major activities that we’ve achieved.  There are a myriad of smaller activities and achievements that would take us all night to cover off.  There are so many other things that we’ve done – like writing letters of support for other organisations, newsletters, attending meetings; sponsoring Cooroy Fusion & Cooroy Originals; and being involved in committees such as Noosa Council’s Local Business Advisory Group.

I think it is so important to once again thank our volunteers.  We all have families, work, hobbies and responsibilities so to adding volunteering to the list should not be underestimated.   We have approximately 200 volunteers throughout the year doing a myriad of small and large jobs – whether it is selling raffle tickets, helping pack up chairs at a networking night, taking photos, delivering brochures, running a training session, helping with Christmas in Cooroy or the Australian Body Art Festival, attending meetings or writing a grant – every single hour of their time is valuable.  Whether you’ve donated an hour or a hundred hours of your time, it all made a difference and the Chamber simply would not achieve what it does without the support of our volunteers.

The executive committee deserve a special mention as they have all contributed in their own way over the last 12 months – Vice President Andy Flitter, Treasurer Lynda Sandford, Secretary Carol Christensen and Executives Tania Stewart, Elona Bosboom, Megan D’Elton, Richard Hansen and the Cooroy Future Group executive, Chris Bell.  So please also give a big thank you to the volunteer executive who have collectively donated hundreds of hours of their time from their busy lives.