2016 Census Confirms Cooroy’s Community Spirit

The 2016 Census confirms Cooroy’s community spirit with figures that have just been released.

The population of Cooroy’s 4563 postcode now at 8,478. This area covers the broader Cooroy area spreading from Tinbeerwah and Lake Macdonald out to Ridgewood, Carters Ridge and Black Mountain and represents 16% of Noosa Shire’s population.

“Cooroy continues to be a flourishing town with a big heart. Our growth since the last Census in 2011 is 7% which is significantly less than the 11% growth that the entire Noosa Shire experienced. Our town has only increased by about 500 people in those six years which is quite sustainable growth. We do need to continue to be engaged as a community to ensure that future developments are in keeping with our existing culture, heritage and community spirit as we have something special to preserve here,” said Cooroy Chamber of Commerce President, Danielle Taylor.

“What is perhaps one of the most interesting statistics is that 21.8% of Cooroy people volunteered for an organisation or group in the last 12 months which is higher than the state average of 18.8% and Australia’s average of 19%. Without a doubt the volunteers in our community are one of the major contributors to what makes our town special. Last year, Cooroy Chamber of Commerce alone had over 200 volunteers contribute more than 1000 hours to activities which were all aimed at delivering social, community and economic outcomes for the town. When you consider all the other community groups that have volunteers contributing to positive outcomes for Cooroy, there is no wonder this is such a brilliant place to live and work!”