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Cooroy Camphor Laurel Inc.

Cooroy Camphor Laurel Inc.
Cooroy Camphor Laurel Inc.
Tom MacNamara – Treasurer
0435 481 108
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After the Cooroy timber mill closed over 10 years ago, several workers liaised with the Lower Mill Board and Noosa Council to form a not for profit timber venture focusing on working with camphor laurel, and staffed by local volunteers.

The proposal was welcomed by all parties and the local community, and Council were pleased that the initiative would be assisting in the removal of a noxious weed, namely camphor laurel, from the Shire. Trees were felled, milled, dried and then the volunteer woodworkers made an extensive array of value added items for sale, including chopping boards, tables, kitchen utensils and other basic furniture.

The Initiative’s work continues today in their Lower Mill Site shed and nearby log yard, and the volunteer team, now numbering 40 active members, has recently purchased a hydraulic band-saw mill enabling the rapid and safe cutting of large felled logs into slabs and boards.

Finished camphor laurel products are displayed and sold from their shed, as well as from the Cooroy Library. The volunteers also regularly attend a number of specialty markets and community events with their well-regarded timber work stall.

Members are working in the shed each weekday morning from 07.30 to 12.30. New volunteers are encouraged to join and thereby gain an outlet for their woodworking passion too! Please call in to the shed at 8 Lower Mill Road where there is plenty of parking, or take a short walk across the creek trail from the Cooroy Library.

4 Lower Mill Road,