Police Report November 2015

cooroy police reportA timely reminder in regards to leaving valuables in unattended cars is needed with a smash and grab type offence that occurred in the Noosa Botanical Gardens Car Park on Lake Macdonald Dr, Cooroy on the 30/10/2015 at about 1.15pm when an unfortunate lady left her baby bag and handbag in the front seat of her car before going for a walk in the gardens.

Witnesses state that they heard a car alarm sound however by the time people arrived on the scene the offender(s) had fled.

Entry had been gained to the car by smashing a fist sized hole in the passenger side front door window which gave access to the door lock.

That night, some of the property stolen in this offence was located in Noosa with police inquiries identifying a vehicle of interest being a Blue 2001 Holden Commodore Sedan with Qld Rego similar to 820IEA.

Members of the public should be aware that this style of offence has occurred in Cooroy with the likelihood that it will occur again so please be on the lookout for this vehicle or for that matter any suspicious activity around car parking areas and especially tourist spots such as Look Outs and bush walk car parks in secluded areas. 

On this occasion there wasn’t too much the victim could have done to prevent this offence as her vehicle was locked with an alarm and she had the foresight to take her actual purse with cash and credit cards with her on her walk. This prevented these items from being stolen which was a huge relief for her.

Probably the only thing she could have done to lessen her chances of being a victim of crime was to put her handbag and baby bag more out of sight so as not to entice the offenders to target her car.

Another interesting footnote to this offence is that items found with the located stolen property included a sharps kit with used needles in it so it’s obvious that the offenders were stealing to support a drug habit.

This is yet another example of how drugs affect us all even if we are not drug users or know someone that is.

If you are aware of drug users and/or suppliers in this area please pass this information on to the Cooroy Police on 07 5442 5030 or you can supply the information anonymously to CrimeStoppers on 1800333000.

The tragic death of an 84 year old Gympie woman on the Elm street Railway Bridge in September, 2014 had a final outcome in court recently when a 45 year old Pomona woman was sentenced a lengthy term of imprisonment after she was found guilty of a High Range Drink driving offence which included both alcohol and drugs which resulted in the death of the 84 year old and the serious injury to her Husband.

Again this is a timely reminder that when you make the decision to get into your vehicle after drinking alcohol the consequences of your actions can be dramatic and have long term implications for you, your family and any victim that is unlucky enough to cross paths with you.

The Cooroy Police are still regularly intercepting HIGH RANGE drink and drug drivers. Some of these drivers are habitual drink drivers so it is a real worry to know that they are out there on our roads driving past our schools, on the highway and in our Town centre.

The poor lady who was killed was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and it could well have been any one of us or any one of our family members who was killed by this offender so if you are aware of someone who habitually drives whilst under the influence of liquor or drugs please do something about it and call police so we can actively target that person and possible save a life that could well be a loved one of yours.