Executive Meeting Minutes 8th August 2016

Cooroy Chamber of Commerce

Executive Meeting

Meeting Date: 8 August

Meeting Time: 12 noon

Meeting Venue: Cooroy Hotel, Garnet Street, Cooroy

Chamber Executive:

President: Danielle Taylor

Vice-President: Andy Flitter

Treasurer: Lynda Sandford

Secretary: Carol Christensen

Executive: Tania Stewart

Executive: Elona Bosboom

Executive: Megan D’Elton

Executive: Richard Hansen

Lower Mill Board Rep: Chris Bell

Present: Danielle Taylor, Lynda Sandford, Andy Flitter, Elona Bosboom,  Megan D”Elton, Richard Hansen, Chris Bell.

Apologies: Tania Stewart, Carol Christensen,

  1. Minutes of Last Meeting

Minutes of the last meeting on 12 July 2016 (on website)

Proposed:     Danielle Taylor            Seconded: Lynda Sandford

  1. Actions arising from the minutes:
  • Find out more about “Why Leave Town” Promotion – Andy – decided to not proceed as we had enough to do at present.
  • Marquee / Equipment Booking Form – Andy has done it and it is on website
  • Clean up marquees date – Andy to set date and organise
  • Letter to Council re RV (from AGM) – Danielle / Carol – haven’t been done. We’ve ha several conversations though so don’t feel it is necessary now
  1. Treasurer’s Report:

$13,000 in general account

$31,397 in Term Deposit

$1,070 in Trybooking

$27,000 in receivables – primarily Christmas in Cooroy sponsorships and subscriptions

$10,000 profit so far this year

Proposed:  Lynda Sandford            Seconded:  Andy Flitter

  1. Meetings

Attended:      Welcome to Noosa Training – Danielle – very interesting – can do it online if you want

Grants Network Night – 14 July at the J 6pm to 8pm – Chris – not much there that we didn’t know

Business Mentoring Noosa Network Night – 26 July – Andy, Richard & Megan – was good for the networking

Forthcoming:  Sunshine Coast Business Council Combined Government & Business Forum – 24 August – Danielle attending

  1. Mail

Mail In:            Email from Crime Prevention Section regarding waiting for Funding Agreement for CCTV grant

Mail Out:                   Sponsorship Application – Extreme Marquees

  1. Other Business:
  • Dinner with the Mayor – 31 booked so far – Tania and Elona doing a ring around on Monday
  • Christmas in Cooroy – progressing well – ahead of schedule
  • Welcome to Cooroy RV vouchers – 200 dropped off to the caretaker at the RV area
  • 6 October Networking (School) – Andy organising
  • 6 December Christmas Party (Golf Club) – Carol booked Golf Club and Carol and Danielle to talk to Jackie at Hightealicious
  • Cooroy Farmers & Artisan Market – Danielle is consulting to them (as Firefly Solutions not Chamber) and explained the plans that they had. Will send info through newsletter as it progresses to determine whether Chamber will do a letter of support.
  • Smoke on the Water have requested a letter of support for a grant – Danielle to write it
  • Friends of Noosa Botanic Gardens have requested Danielle as President of Chamber be a referee for their grant application for a Community Gambling Benefit Fund Grant for shed – agreed

Meeting closed at: 1.05pm                       

Next Exec meeting: 13 September 2016 @ 12noon Cooroy Hotel