Executive Meeting Minutes – 14th February 2017

Cooroy Chamber of Commerce
Executive Meeting
Meeting Date: 14 February 2017
Meeting Time: 12 Midday
Meeting Venue: Cooroy Hotel, Garnet Street, Cooroy

Chamber Executive:
President: Danielle Taylor     Vice-President: Andy Flitter
Treasurer: Lynda Sandford     Secretary: Carol Christensen
Executive: Tania Stewart     Executive: Elona Bosboom
Executive: Megan D’Elton     Executive: Richard Hansen
Lower Mill Board Rep: Chris Bell


Apologies: Tania Stewart, Richard Hansen, Megan D’Elton, Carol Christensen, Chris Bell

  1. Special Guests: Karyn and Phil from Noosa Today re Shop Local/Rewards Program
  2. Proposed a Cooroy Commerce card which would give people discounts, could produce a booklet of vouchers, could do discount for Chamber members, package in membership for non-members.  Noosa Today would do all the work signing people up etc.  Chamber would endorse it.  All agreed sounded good.  Phil to progress a proposal and we can continue to discuss.  Phil also said Noosa Today would also like to sponsor the Body Art Festival with some free advertising.  He’ll do up a package and send to Danielle.
    1. Minutes of Last Meeting

    Minutes of the last meeting on 10 January 2017 (on website)

    Proposed:    Danielle Taylor             Seconded:   Andy Flitter


    1. Actions arising from the minutes:


    Danielle to contact Mal Scott – done


    1. Treasurer’s Report:

    Proposed:   Lynda Sandford      Seconded: Elona Bosboom


    1. Meetings


    • Attended:      Grants, Network and Nibbles II – 2 February – Andy & Danielle
    • Forthcoming:     Before I Die Wall Launch – 10am 15 Feb @ Cooroy RSL

    Tourism Noosa Transport Forum – 2pm 14 March – Danielle


    1. Mail


    Mail In:     Mike Price – Traffic Issues

    Mail Out:   Nil


    1. Other Business:


    • Ray Kelly – requested Letter of Support from Cooroy Chamber that we support the re-opening of the Cooroy Hall – all agreed – Danielle to write and send.
    • Mike Price – Traffic Issues – Mike has produced another lot of correspondence and has been to several meetings.  He also rang Danielle and said that the he was told the reason we hadn’t had a solution was that Cooroy had dropped the ball and were not lobbying hard enough.  Danielle explained she found that hard to believe as we’d been told it was not a high risk area (no deaths) so was lower on the list because of that.   She further explained that Chamber has been doing it for more than 10 years and it isn’t the only project we have to work on and it also wasn’t the sole responsibility of Chamber to make it happen.  He suggested we write a letter every 2 months and suggested we get a person on our committee to do that.  I said we are all volunteers and nobody has time to do that.  He said CARA are going to have a meeting about it.  All discussed and agreed that it was best left to CARA as a resident’s association.  We aren’t going to write 2 monthly letters as we’ll just become a nuisance.  We’ll put input in as needed.
    • Sponsorship Request – Cooroy Originals (currently give $100/event plus marquees plus electricity usage) – request for the same – 4 events / year (4th Sunday in Feb, May, August and November.  Decision:  We are not lending out our pop up marquees anymore to anyone.  They can use our electricity ($120 hire value) and our Hoeker marquee ($400 hire value) but will have to advise us immediately of any damage and pay for it to be fixed.  We will promote the event on all our channels (priceless value).  We would like our logo on the posters, etc.
    • Sponsorship Request – Cooroy Fusion – discussed and agreed we will sponsor again particularly as Cooroy Future Group / Butter Factory are inkind sponsors of the Body Art Festival.  Decision:  Agreed to pay Gold $550 level again plus provide inkind promotion through website, Facebook and Kurui full page ad ($720 value) and special section on the Cooroy App as per previous years ($440 value) which is one of their sponsor benefits.  Ask if we can be recognised as Platinum Sponsor given the cash and in-kind actually exceeds that level of sponsorship.
    • Kurui Update – Andy will do final ring around of last year’s advertisers and we’ll send it to print (advertising numbers have reduced but we should still make a break even/small profit).  With current advertisers we are at break even so we’ll just get it moving and may pick up an extra advertiser or two.
    • CCTV Update – all installed apart from a few upgrades still to be done.  About $7,700 plus GST still to spend.  Will be holding a launch night on 14 March at 5.30pm at Cooroy Hotel.  Invitation only – Chamber members and other invited guests.  Andy/Danielle will send email and start RSVP list.  Tania & Elona will do a ring around.
    • Australian Body Art Festival Update – have had a lot of support, still coming in.  Budget situation is that we are at about $1,000 loss now.  So we will get it into a situation where the event will achieve a breakeven / start making a profit.  We will then pay Firefly Solutions for some of their services (they’ve currently invested over $4K in wages to get the event up to this stage and there will be more in coming months).  Firefly Solutions happy to donate some time but we will mitigate as much of their costs as possible through using any profit we make for the event.  Will also try to keep a small amount aside to go towards seed funding for next year.
    • Tania and Elona asked if we could change executive meetings to Monday as Tania gets every 2nd Monday off and would be able to attend.  All present agreed that would be okay.  So next meeting we’ll move to Monday 13 March and do them every four weeks from then.


    1. Meeting Closed: 30pm


    1. Next Exec meeting: Monday 13 March @ 12noon Cooroy Hotel