Executive Meeting Minutes 13th September 2016

Cooroy Chamber of Commerce

Executive Meeting

Meeting Date: 13 September

Meeting Time: 12 noon

Meeting Venue: Cooroy Hotel, Garnet Street, Cooroy

Chamber Executive:

President: Danielle Taylor

Vice-President: Andy Flitter

Treasurer: Lynda Sandford

Secretary: Carol Christensen

Executive: Tania Stewart

Executive: Elona Bosboom

Executive: Megan D’Elton

Executive: Richard Hansen

Lower Mill Board Rep: Chris Bell

Present: Lynda Sandford, Carol Christensen, Andy Flitter, Elona Bosboom,  Richard Hansen, Chris Bell.

Apologies: Tania Stewart, Danielle Taylor, Megan D’Elton

  1. Minutes of Last Meeting

Minutes of the last meeting on 8 August 2016 (on website)

Proposed:  Andy Flitter                                                              Seconded:Lynda Sandford

  1. Actions arising from the minutes:
    • Clean up marquees date –
    • The marquee clean up will be the same day we sort out xmas street decorations
  1. Treasurers Report: Cheque Acc. $25,000  Term Deposit  $31,500

Chamber has been registered for GST since July 1

Proposed:   Lynda Sandford                                       Seconded:Elona Bosboom

  1. Meetings

Attended:      Sunshine Coast Business Council Combined Government & Business Forum – 24 August – Danielle (report attached)

Tourism Noosa Members Forum – Noosa Sustainable Destination Action Plan 2022 – Danielle (report attached)


  1. Mail

Mail In:            Crime Prevention Section Draft Funding Agreement for CCTV grant

Invite to NDSH Celebration of Excellence

Invite to Noosa Tourism to training & social media workshop

Account from Belvedere News for Postcards put RV welcome packs

Mail Out:         Crime Prevention Section Draft Funding Agreement for CCTV grant changes (still to hear back / receive final agreement)

Letter of support Ceramic Centre for Excellence grant application for Smoke on the Water

  1. Other Business:
  • Dinner with the Mayor – Mayor Tony entertained our guests with an informative presentation. Some issues with some of the steak meals.
  • Christmas in Cooroy – next meeting 27 Sept at Cooroy Library. All welcome There are 2 sponsorships left.
  • 6 October Networking (School) – Andy . There will be an add in the next Cooroy Rag for Networking night. Leona happy to do bar again but needs help in the Leona and Tanya to do a ring around again .
  • 6 December Christmas Party (Golf Club) – Carol – Golf Club booked, Food organised with Jackie Zipf.Carol to contact Wayne at Golf club about a putting competition and also if there are facilities for  background music.
  • Cooroy Farmers & Artisan Market Fact Sheet & Letter of Support Request . After discussion it was decided that we should go to membership for feedback on Farmers Markets.Feedback to be back by September 30. Chamber will then draft a response from those comments. Cooroy Farmers and Artisans Market have employed Firefly Solutions. Andy to send out fact sheet and ask for feedback from members.
  • Empowering Women in Our Community – Project Outline & Request for Support . It was decided that chamber was busy with other commitments and Andy will write a reply to Jeanette Dal Santo informing her of this and that chamber has a policy of not auspising other organisations and wish her well.
  • Question about joining Sunshine Coast Business Council Cost is $750, CC could just choose the events that suits and pay the entry fee instead of the full membership.
  • Chris asked if date had been set for Body Art ?? Fusion 2017 will be held on May 13.
  • Tanya has requested another letter be written regarding Maple St zebra crossing . Tony Wellington said at dinner with Mayor a traffic study was going to be done of Cooroy and the crossing would be included in this. Council will consult with Chamber.

Meeting Closed  1.15pm            

Next Exec meeting: 11 October 2016 @ 12noon Cooroy Hotel


Reports from Danielle on attendance at following meetings:

Sunshine Coast Business Council Combined Government & Business Forum

A really good event.  There were about 60 to 70 attendees and nearly every State, National and local government representative for Sunshine Coast and Noosa were in the room.

Very interesting speakers on Integrated Transport Strategy; Next Generation Planning; Revitalising the Coastline; Health & Education – Key to a Smart Region?; and the Value of Measuring Regional Sustainability

Things I learned:

  • Integrated Transport Strategy – “walkable” cities (were you can walk anywhere in 30 mins) were what cities were originally founded on, then they moved to Integrated cities where you could get 20km in 30 minutes (tram/train) and then with the increased use of cars you could get much further in 30 minutes and this changed the culture of our communities. Due to our car dependence this is now causing issues (congestion etc) – the people in 177 cars can be fit into 3 buses or 1 tram.   There is a move away from car use.  Top 6 walkable cities in USA have 38% higher GDP.  Cooroy is walkable!
  • Next Gen Planning – we have a lot of Australia’s top sustainable architects in Noosa / Sunshine Coast
  • Revitalising the Coastline – 75% of your property value is directly related to the distance to the beach. The Beach is a marine ecosystem – we don’t treat any other marine ecosystem with the same disrespect.  We did our coastal development wrong – strip development, built close to the sand (the beach moves), used as roads, allowed dogs on them – all big no nos!  85% of Noosa/SC beaches (344km) has been treated this way.  Only 20km of conservation land on beaches and of this only 8km where dogs are not allowed!  We use the beach as a drawcard for tourism and as locals love it also.  But we are loving it to death – need to change and compromise to ensure the future.
  • Health & Education : Intergenerational Care (co-located aged and child care) is a developing area.

Beneficial for us – we got a new member – Tulip Design

Should we join Sunshine Coast Business Council?  Seems more organised than the Combined Chambers.  CCIQ Noosa are members.  It would be $750+GST per year.  Refer attached for more info (ignore number of employees info).

Tourism Noosa Members Forum Noosa Sustainable Destination Action Plan 2022

Setting the plan for Tourism Noosa for 2017 to 2022 period.  “Riding the Next Wave of Tourism”

Quite an interesting session and good to see so much hinterland representation including Cooroy, Pomona and Kin Kin representatives.

Some things I learned:

  • Tourism Noosa has 603 members
  • It is anticipated that there will be 1 billion extra trips taken by 2035. Therefore, responsible tourism is increasingly important
  • Top 5 international markets visiting Noosa are China, UK, US, Japan and New Zealand
  • April, July and September are the low peak tourism periods now
  • 75% of visitors to Noosa drive here