Executive Meeting Minutes – 13th March 2017

Cooroy Chamber of Commerce
Executive Meeting
Meeting Date: 13 March 2017
Meeting Time: 12 Midday
Meeting Venue: Cooroy Hotel, Garnet Street, Cooroy

Chamber Executive:
President: Danielle Taylor     Vice-President: Andy Flitter
Treasurer: Lynda Sandford     Secretary: Carol Christensen
Executive: Tania Stewart     Executive: Elona Bosboom
Executive: Megan D’Elton     Executive: Richard Hansen
Cooroy Future Group Rep: Chris Bell

Present: Danielle, Lynda, Tania, Megan, Andy, Carol, Elona

Apologies: Chris Bell, Richard Hansen

Guest:   Stephen Boyd, CCIQ Noosa. Stephen addressed the executive on the way that CCIQ is working, the projects they are working on and how they raise issues and work with council.

  1. Minutes of Last Meeting – 14 February 2017

Proposed: Danielle Taylor              Seconded: Elona Bosboom

  1. Actions arising from the minutes:
  • Letter of Support for Hall Committee – Danielle – done
  • Advise Cooroy Originals re sponsorship – Danielle – done
  • Advise Cooroy Fusion re sponsorship – Danielle – done
  1. Treasurer’s Report:

Cheque acc. $161,022.48   Term Deposit $26,182.06

Danielle raised that the next month or so will be difficult for cash flow as we have the payments for CCTV, Body Art and Kurui all as outgoings that will just about wipe out the cheque account.  But we do have another $15,000 from CCTV grant in May and a lot of memberships to come in April.  Will be tight though but can pull money out of the term deposit if needed.

Proposed: Lynda Sandford                              Seconded: Carol Christensen

  1. Meetings
  • Attended:
    • Before I Die Wall Launch – 10am 15th Feb @Cooroy RSL – Danielle and Chris
    • Tourism Noosa Networking Night -22 Feb @ Noosa Boathouse – Danielle and Chris
  • Forthcoming:
    • Noosa Council Transport Strategy 2.30pm 13 March – Danielle
    • Tourism Noosa Transport Strategy 2.00pm 14 March – Danielle
  1. Mail

Mail In:  CRS Clay Mine info form CPR Group

One-one-one tailored strategic planning sessions from Noosa Council

Farmers and Artisans market update

Nicklin Community Awards from Peter Wellington

Sunshine Coast Business Council – free membership offer

Visit Sunshine Coast Annual Report

Jobs and Regional Growth Fund launch from Hon Curtis Pitt MP

Calendar from KC Fireworks

Account from Belvedere News

Mail out:  One-on-one tailored strategic planning sessions from Noosa Council (application)

Sunshine Coast Business Council – application

  1. Other Business:
  • Australian Body Art Update. Record number of artists booked in.  Lots of inkind sponsors and some donations and a few small cash sponsors.  Still waiting to hear about gambling benefit fund grant.  Wattle Media from Brisbane have come on board as inkind sponsors.  Event is in a profit situation although it is a false profit due to amount of inkind (so we’ll need more cash sponsors for 2018 but that should be achievable once we demonstrate this year’s success).  At least this year it will be in a position that Chamber doesn’t make a loss and will be able to pay Firefly Solutions for some of the inkind work they’ve done.
  • Kurui update, Kurui is at QMP getting design changes, hopefully done this month.
  • CCTV update Presentation on 14th March at 5.30pm Cooroy Hotel – over 70 booked to attend
  • Xmas in Cooroy Update Tree Decorations have been collected from Ricon and stored at David Campbells shed. Need to get Barry (Studio Steel) and Trevor Luff and an electrician together to plan how they’ll put it up.
  • Firefly Solutions is changing to a Company as of 1 April and from then on any work will be by the company – new agreements will be signed under Firefly Solutions Pty Ltd.
  • Next Chamber Networking Night – A free night on Tuesday May 2nd 5.30pm for a 6pm start at Cooroy Hotel invite Clubs. Food will be Pizza. Lynda to book with Cooroy Hotel.  Andy to promote to members.  Tania/Elona to do a ring around on 24
  • RV vouchers have run out – Andy will ask again in an email but if no response we won’t do it anymore and will just use Kurui (which we currently use also).
  1. Meeting Closed: 1.45pm
  2. Next Exec meeting: Monday 10 April @ 12noon Cooroy Hotel