Executive Meeting Minutes 11th October 2016

Cooroy Chamber of Commerce
Executive Meeting
Meeting Date: 11 October 2016
Meeting Time: 12 noon
Meeting Venue: Cooroy Hotel, Garnet Street, Cooroy

Chamber Executive:
President: Danielle Taylor     Vice-President: Andy Flitter
Treasurer: Lynda Sandford     Secretary: Carol Christensen
Executive: Tania Stewart     Executive: Elona Bosboom
Executive: Megan D’Elton     Executive: Richard Hansen
Lower Mill Board Rep: Chris Bell

Present: Guest : Adam McGilchrist
Apologies: Tania Stewart

1. Guest / New Member: Adam McGilchrist, Salary Packaging Australia: Remote Area Benefits. Adam gave a brief intro to SPA. Danielle suggested that CCOC hold a workshop on Remote area benefits and invite Adam from SPA. All
agreed to do this in the new year.

2. Minutes of Last Meeting

Minutes of the last meeting on 13 September 2016 (on website)

Proposed: Carol Christensen Seconded:Richard Hansen

3. Actions arising from the minutes:

• Cooroy Farmers & Artisan Market Fact Sheet & Letter of Support Request.
Proposed: Chamber do a letter of support for Farmers Markets that will include results of member survey feedback.

Moved: Andy Flitter Seconded: Lynda Sandford

4. Treasurer’s Report: Chamber has been registered for GST since July 1 Cheque Acc $25,000  Term Deposit $31,400
First BAS about to be lodged.

Proposed: Lynda Sandford Seconded: Carol Christensen

4.1 Danielle tabled the CCTV contract agreement. Contractor will start work with owners of buildings, installing should commence in November.

5. Meetings

Attended: Nil


6. Mail

Mail In: Crime Prevention Section Final Funding Agreement for CCTV grant – still to be signed by them
Noosa Tourism Networking Night Sept 28th
Noosa Tourism call for directors nominations

Mail Out: Nil

7. Other Business:
• Network Night Review . Good Night numbers slightly disappointing . A few paid for event but didn’t show.

• Christmas in Cooroy – Chamber float” Chamber of Commerce are Legends” Lynda, Andy, Carol, Tanya, Elona, Danielle, Darran and Casey will dress up and use Darns ute as float. Carol to gain quotes for 2000 lollypops for event.

• Proposed : Chamber take up a double page special with Noosa News to advertise Christmas in Cooroy and this offer also has a page in Jan where Chamber can thank sponsors of Christmas on Cooroy.

Moved by Danielle Taylor Seconded: Megan D’Elton .

• Proposed: That CCofC purchase 60 wine glasses for $40 that can be used at events.

Moved :Danielle Taylor  Seconded:Carol Christensen

• 6th December Christmas Party (Golf Club) It was agreed that we would add CIC sponsor thank you to Chamber Xmas party

• Body art festival – April / May 2017 Suggested dates 8th & 9th April or  6th & 7th May – this date may be too close to Fusion Festival

8. Meeting Closed 1.30pm

9. Next Exec meeting: 8 November 2016 @ 12noon Cooroy Hotel