Chamber Equipment Hire Request

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Cooroy Chamber of Commerce has purchased a range of equipment and is happy to provide this free of charge for other Cooroy community organisations and not for profit events.
To request use of this equipment please complete the following form, agree to the terms and conditions and submit
Equipment available includes:
  • 6m x 6m White Hoecker Marquee with sides (needs specialised knowledge to erect)
  • 6 x 3m & 3 x 3m Pop-Up Marquees / Shade Tents
  • Teardrop Signage Flags

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6m x 6m Hoecker Marquee with sides - 1 Only

6m x 3m Expanding Marquee - 1 Only

3m x 3m Expanding Marquee. Please Enter No. Required

Outdoor Teardrop Signage. Please Enter No. Required

I,(insert name) understand that by loaning the above equipment from Cooroy Chamber of Commerce Inc that our organisation is responsible for this equipment during the entire period that it is on loan to us. We agree to display Cooroy Chamber of Commerce teardrop signage in recognition of the free use of this equipment.

We also agree that we will only use the equipment for the purpose it was designed, will treat the equipment with care and respect, return the equipment in the condition it was loaned, to the agreed location at the agreed time and report any loss or damage to the equipment to Cooroy Chamber of Commerce Inc immediately by emailing

Significant damage or loss of equipment may result in charges for repair or replacement.

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If you haven't borrowed our equipment before, please give at least 72 hours notice and we will reply to you to advise where to collect it from.

Thank you