Police Report December 2014

The 2014 Christmas and New Year Holiday period is upon us and the push to keep the travelling public safe has kicked into full gear with all available police out on the roads targeting the fatal five causes of fatal and serious traffic accidents.

For those of you who don’t know what the Fatal Five of traffic offences are I can advise that they are; Continue Reading →

Police Report September 2014

No longer is it acceptable for patrons of licensed premises to be served alcohol to the point where they become intoxicated. Strict laws governing the responsible service of alcohol were introduced several years ago which makes it an offence to serve liquor to a person who is adversely affected by alcohol within a licensed premises. Continue Reading →

Minutes of Meeting 3rd February 2015

Cooroy Chamber of Commerce

General Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: February 3rd 2015

Meeting Time: 5.45pm for a 6pm start

Meeting Venue: Cooroy Hotel

Chamber Executive

President: Danielle Taylor                                                    Vice-President: Andy Flitter

Secretary: Jennifer Sadler                                                     Treasurer: Lynda Sandford

Event: Tania Stewart                                                              Retail Strategy: Nikki MacDonald

Executive: Elona Bosboom                                                    Executive: Durnford Dart

Lower Mill Board Reps: Carol Christensen, Chris Bell    Media: Vacant

Website: Vacant

Present: Danielle Taylor (Firefly Solutions), David Lafferty (Bendigo Bank), Durnford Dart (Bamboo Australia), Elona Bosboom (Cooroy Carparts), Jennifer Sadler (The Forest Star), ), Peter Lyle (The Forest Star), Tania Stewart (Cooroy Central Pharmacy, Margaret Rickard (Cooroy-Noosa Genealogy and Historical Research Centre, Cooroy-Noosa Genealogy Group) Julie Kinloch (Cooroy-Noosa Genealogy Group), Andy Flitter (The Cooroy App), Ray Kelly (Retired), Ray Smith (Optometry @Cooroy), Frank Pardon (Noosa Shire Council), Tony Wellington (Noosa Shire Council), Richard Hansen (Impact Presentations), Mal Scott (QPS), Kerri Steele (Karinya Montessori)

Apologies: Peter Zipf, Sandy Bolton, Vivianne Dawalibi, Irene Smith, Wei Shen, Seb and Tracy Vecchio, Linda Sandford, Joe Jurisevic, Darran Taylor.


  • Welcome Members and Guests: President Danielle Taylor welcomed members and guests at 6.10pm.
  • Minutes from last meeting: Minutes from meeting October 7 2014 (no meeting November, Christmas Party December – no minutes taken, no meeting January) on the Chamber website – www.cooroy.com.au

Business arising from the minutes: Nil

In the absence of any questions Tania Stewart Proposed and Elona Bosboom Seconded the motion the minutes be accepted.

  • Mail: Two letters: Cooroy Fusion looking for sponsors

Noosa Concert Band introducing themselves

Questions arising from the mail: Nil

  • Business Matters
    • Treasurer’s Report: Danielle Taylor reports that from April 2014 to January 2015: Total income was $65,000.00, total expenses $62,000 with an operating profit of $2,935.48. There is $1,400.00 owing being memberships. In the absence of any questions DanielleTaylor proposed and Tania Stewart seconded the motion the Treasurer’s Report be accepted.
  • Police Update: Sergeant Mal Scott reports that high range drink drivers have increased lately. The Cooroy Police are using a different strategy to apprehend them. They are setting up RBTs on side roads and 6 have been caught in the last 6 months.

Break and enters at both schools lately. Kids have been apprehended and charged. A break and enter on Ruby Street was successfully prosecuted because the owner of the stolen property had it well marked with serial numbers.

Credit cards that use the wave system are easy for thieves to use. Keep a good eye on your credit cards at all times.

A juvenile was successfully prosecuted for breaking the nose of another juvenile. It is an offence for juveniles to be caught with spray graffiti items.

There have been 4 suicides in Cooroy and the hinterland in the last 3 months. If you detect the signs of suicide in a friend or relative contact Mal who will point you in the direction of help.

Crooks with English and Irish accents are operating again, duping people into having their driveways asphalted. They take your money and do a shoddy job. Don’t be duped by them.

Mal recommends that all businesses in Cooroy invest in CCTV cameras. For $400 you can get a good one and it really helps in solving crime.

The clean up rate in Cooroy is better than the state average being 50% and the state average 25%. Mal put it down to good support from the community.

  • Committee Reports:
    • Website: Danielle Taylor reports that the new website is up and running and looks great. The business directory is very popular.
    • Christmas In Cooroy: Very successful despite the rain. About 5000 people attended, down by about half from previous years because of the rain, so probably had 10,000 last year. Made a loss of $1,800.00 to $2,000 due to unforeseen circumstances. All previous years there has been a profit which has always been available in case of a year when there is a loss. Christmas decorations need replacing. Council has funded 2015 C in C to $5,000 and has already paid it. It’s a $40,000.00 event.
    • Retail Strategy: Cooroy App. Danielle Taylor reports that the new Cooroy App is up and running and is incorporated into the memberships.

The Kurui will be updated in a few months. 5000 copies will be distributed across the coast and up as far as Gympie. Every chamber member will have a free listing.

  • Other Business
    • Frank Pardon outlined his proposal for a Farmers Market in Cooroy. He has spoken to the sporting clubs and the car club who are keen to go ahead with council’s help to get it up and running. It will be a make it, bake it, grow it, sew it market with no commercial stalls allowed. It will be privately operated. An MCU will need to be approved for the chosen site. Ray Kelly felt that it wouldn’t be viable. Frank feels it would be viable with Council’s help, because the market in Noosa is very successful and the stall holders keep coming back.

Frank and other councilors toured the hinterland checking out where a very big site with room for a water feature could accommodate a park.

Ray Kelly raised the question of maintenance of roads and listed problems near his home. Frank requested Ray to email him with a list of the problem sites.

The MCU for the RV parking at the Car Club site is continuing and should be ready in about 8 – 10 weeks. The MCU cost of about $7,000. A dumpsite will cost about $45,000. Mayor Noel Playford is on board.

  • RV parking update: Cr. Tony Wellington reported that the RV parking site on Holts Rd has some problems with vans staying longer than the allowed 4 days and dogs running off leash. Council staff are looking into the problems. The new short stay RV parking signs have been erected and the site is being used.

Tony reported also on other Development Applications in the pipeline for Cooroy.

The Tomato Farm on Lake Macdonald Drive: Council is still waiting for a response to a request for more information.

Wimmer’s extension: approved

Ferrell’s Rd Myall St Development Application: Requested information has been received by council and the public notification will be opening soon.

Energex site coming up for auction: The site is zoned Community Services. Any request for zone change will be treated on its merits.

New Code assessable Development Application: for 3 shops downstairs and 3 offices upstairs at 2 Emerald Street Cooroy.

  • Cooroy Butter Factory: Cr. Tony Wellington reported that there were 3 proposals: Cooroy Lower Mill Board, U3A, and Ceramic Centre of Excellence. Council staff are still assessing the proposals and it will probably come before council at the March meeting. All proposals require council financial support. The council will maintain the building but otherwise the council would like the Butter Factory to start to partially pay its way. For it to run smoothly it needs a paid co-ordinator as volunteers usually don’t commit to more than a couple of days. It would be a good site for an information centre as it is close to the RV sites. It costs the council $140,000 to $180,000 annually to maintain the Butter Factory in its present state. Frank Pardon said that council subsidises other community facilities. Suggestion was made to negotiate with Tourism Noosa to promote Cooroy better.
  • Noosa Strade Bianche 2015: Bike event 8th – 9th Sponsorship opportunities are available. The chamber will probably advertise it on its website facebook page and newsletter.
  • Cooroy Library rooftop movies: advertising and sponsorship opportunities available. It will be advertised on the chamber’s media outlets.
  • Community Jury: Danielle Taylor attended the first meeting and outlined the 3 month process. The jury’s first issue is ‘reducing organic waste’. The jury has access to any experts world-wide that they request. There are 6 meetings and at the conclusion of the 3 months a report is presented to council. The council is not bound by the decision but takes the report into account when making decisions on waste management.

Danielle Taylor recommended that everyone get onto the council’s ‘Your Say Noosa’ website and have a say about lots of topics.

  • Networking Night- April 7 2015: More information will be available soon.
  •  Cooroy-Noosa Genealogy and Historical Research Centre, Cooroy-Noosa Genealogy Group Margaret Rickard and Julie Kinloch outlined the centre’s progress to getting their own building. A site in Cooroy has been identified. It is state owned land and negotiations are ongoing. There is a design for a building which will be presented to their members soon. As a result of fundraising for 20 years there is a large fund available for the building.

Meeting closed: 7.45pm

Next meeting: April 7, 2015 Networking night             Time: 5.45 for 6pm           Venue: TBA          

9 December 2014

Cooroy Chamber of Commerce

Executive Meeting Meeting Date: 9 December 2014 Meeting Time: 12 noon Meeting Venue: Cooroy Hotel, Garnet Street, Cooroy

Chamber Executive: President: Danielle Taylor Secretary: Jennifer Sadler Event: Tania Stewart Retail Strategy: Nikki McDonald Lower Mill Board Reps: Carol Christensen, Chris Bell

Vice – President: Andy Flitter Treasurer: Lynda Sandford Executive: Elona Bosboom

Executive: Durnford Dart Website: Vacant Media: Vacant Present: Danielle Taylor, Lynda Sandford, Jennifer Sadler, Tania Stewart, Nikki McDonald, Andy Flitter, Elona Bosboom, Chris Bell.  Apologies: Durn Dart, Carol Christensen (asked to pass on her congratulations to the team for a fantastic Christmas in Cooroy)

Minutes of the last meeting are on the website: www.cooroy.com.au in the absence of any questions of the secretary Elona Bosboom proposed and Tania Stewart seconded the motion that the minutes be passed.

Actions arising from the minutes:

  1. Rail 150: Have we heard back? Not yet, although it is rumoured that an organisation in town is intending to do something.
  2. Chamber meeting re new development: Will we have one? Wait for the time being. We could have one when the public consultation period begins.
  3. Are the new signs for RV parking up yet? They went up yesterday. Gates open 7am and close 7pm. It is only day parking and anyone still there after 7pm will incur a fee to open the gates.
  4. Butter Factory update: discuss in Other Business

New Business:

  1. Treasurer’s Report: Linda Sandford reports that there is a profit for the whole year to the 9th December of $4000.00. Explanation for the bank balance being low as mentioned in the last minutes is that sponsorship money that was owed for Christmas in Cooroy had not been paid. It has now been paid. The Term Deposit is coming due. Noosa Council to be invoiced for grant for Christmas in Cooroy 2015.

Linda Sandford proposed that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted, seconded Tania Stewart.

  1. Meetings
    • Meetings Attended: CARA AGM Jennifer Sadler. All the old executive re-elected
    • Forthcoming Meetings: CARA meeting with Peter Zipf 10th Information meeting only. Jennifer Sadler will attend
  2. Mail In / Out
    • Mail In: Email from Gemma Hunt, New members Clara Goodwin: Blue Brown Bag, Kirsty Moss: Dusk to Dawn Sleep Centre, Deb Seal Mary River Catchment Coordination Association Inc
  • Mail Out: Email to Gemma Hunt
  1. Committee Reports: (if anything to report)
    • Christmas in Cooroy: Danielle Taylor reports that attendance numbers were down this year undoubtedly due to the wet weather. However there was a large turn-out with an estimate of up to 4000 people. Dave Marin will distribute the raffle prizes. Christmas in Cooroy may have incurred a loss, although as yet the final balance hasn’t been confirmed. This will be the first time in its 10 year history that a loss has occurred and it was probably due to the wet weather. The Cooroy Rag has agreed to sponsor $4,000 for C in C 2015. Nina will do the acquittal for the council’s grant.
    • Website and app: Andy Flitter is doing an audit of the membership and line up the app members who should be on the Chamber’s membership list
    • Retail Strategy: Kurui: Danielle Taylor reports that Nina will audit the Kurui to take out non members and add in the new members.
  1. Other Business
    • Deb Seal Mary River Catchment Coordination Association Inc. After discussion it was agreed that at this stage the Chamber is unable to help with the organisation of the Water Festival, but we will promote it on our web site and on our facebook page and e-newsletter. Jennifer to email the information to MRCCC.
    • Butter Factory concepts: Chris Bell discussed the 5 concepts proposed for consideration by the Council. The only detailed submission that has been presented to council is from the U3A. There was some disquiet that having U3A managing the site may not be in the best interest of the Cooroy community. The Lower Mill Board is putting together a detailed submission for consideration.
    • Gemma Hunt: There was discussion about how the Chamber could utilise her skills. Danielle will email her proposing that she write a piece about the 10 best attractions about Cooroy from the point of view of RVs.
    • Andy Flitter notified the Hub’s intention to present an Australia Day event and would like help from the Chamber. The Chamber agreed to advertise it on the app and web site.
    • Chris Bell reiterated Carol Christensen’s congratulations for Christmas in Cooroy and discussed Cooroy Fusion and expenses involved. Tania Stewart and Danielle Taylor gave him some tips on where to get value for money and on occasion get services free. Eg photographers will often photograph an event for nothing.
    • Hourly rate increase for Danielle Taylor’s casual employees’ who do work on behalf of the Chamber updating the Cooroy app, the website, the facebook page, membership lists, acquittal for grants, audits of lists etc etc. For the last few years until now, Danielle has been charging the Chamber $22 to $25.00 hour depending on the type of work being performed. This is leaving her out of pocket about $5.00 to $7.00 per hour. This item had been canvassed during the previous month by Jennifer Sadler among the executive members via email and verbally, and the majority of the executive members agreed that Danielle should be reimbursed for her casual employee’s hours to the full extent of what it costs her. Danielle excused herself whilst further discussion on this matter at this meeting took place.

Proposed by Jennifer Sadler and seconded by Tania Stewart that commencing January 1st 2015, Danielle Taylor be reimbursed for her casual employees’ time on Cooroy Chamber of Commerce business, at $33.00 per hour, to be increased if and when the applicable awards rates increase.                         Agreed unanimously

Meeting closed at: 1.35pm

Next meeting: February 2015?

Venue: Cooroy Hotel

11 November 2014

Cooroy Chamber of Commerce

Executive Meeting, Meeting Date: 11 November 2014,

Meeting Time: 12 noon, Meeting Venue: Cooroy Hotel, Garnet Street, Cooroy

Chamber Executive:  President: Danielle Taylor, Secretary: Jennifer Sadler, Event: Tania Stewart, Retail Strategy: Nikki McDonald, Lower Mill Board Rep: Carol Christensen, Chris Bell

Vice – President: Andy Flitter, Treasurer: Lynda Sandford, Executive: Elona Bosboom, Executive: Durnford Dart, Executive: Shane O’Donnell, Website: Vacant,  Media: Vacant

Present: Danielle Taylor, Andy Flitter, Lynda Sandford, Jennifer Sadler, Tania Stewart, Elona Bosboom, Nikki McDonald.


Minutes of the last meeting are on the website: www.cooroy.com.au

Actions arising from the minutes: Nil

In the absence of any questions Danielle Taylor proposed and Tania Stewart Seconded the proposal the minutes be accepted. Vote passed.

New Business:

  1. Treasurer’s Report: Danielle Taylor reported that the bank balance is down to about $12,000 because of payments for the website and the Cooroy App. The term deposit has about $22,000. Money can be transferred to the bank account from the term deposit when it matures but hold off until Christmas in Cooroy is over.
  2. Meetings
    • Meetings Attended: Rural Strategy meeting on Wednesday night attended by Danielle Taylor. Council has a budget for rural groups but it will be inadequate to properly promote the hinterland. Suggestion was made by council that the Cooroy Chambers resources would be used in the future. Danielle pointed out that the Chamber’s resources were stretched already and that council funding has been cut.
  • Forthcoming Meetings: CARA AGM November 19 CWA Hall 6.30pm, CARA December 10 Memorial Hall 6.30pm (Development in Cooroy). Jennifer Sadler will attend both.
  1. Mail In / Out
    • Mail In: Rail 150, RV parking (email Tony Wellington), ASBAS programme (Mal Brough) Butter Factory Future (email from Carol Christensen)
    • Mail Out: Letter of support for RSL. Rail 150. Other mail circulating in folder.
  1. Committee Reports: (if anything to report)
    • Christmas in Cooroy: Committee meeting tonight. Bins will be sponsored by the Chamber. Peppermint cubes done. Chamber’s float in progress. Danielle Taylor, Tania Stewart and Elona Bosboom will be on float. Andy Flitter may go on. Jennifer Sadler may go on but usually acts as marshall. Need people to walk beside float to hand out cubes to adults. Danielle has hats and guns for anyone who wants to dress up in wild-west costume. 20 Santa bags being made by Danielle’s mother.
  • Website: Danielle Taylor reports that the last payment has been made to Nick Rutland. There are some omissions that Nina will fix. Nina may have to work extra hours to get it done requiring extra payment. Danielle Taylor reports that the change-over was much easier than she anticipated.
  • Retail Strategy:
  • Cooroy app: Danielle Taylor reports that there will be no more pro rata membership payments. The date of joining will be the date of annual renewal. A few small glitches are being ironed out by Tracy Vecchio and Danielle.
  • Kurui brochure: Need someone to sell it to the businesses. Payment of 15-to 20% of sales is available for anyone who does the job. Danielle Taylor will approach David Lafferty, but Andy Flitter believes that he may have another job. Tania Stewart said that Rod could do it. The Chamber would like to have it ready for distribution by January.
  1. Other Business
    • Rail 150 : Next year on Thursday 15 January and Wednesday 25 February a steam train is stopping at Cooroy Station on its trip through Qld to celebrate 150 years of rail in Qld. Council are just going to promote it – not do anything. Qld Rail are asking if we’d like to host a celebration. Danielle Taylor contacted Qld Rail for more info but as yet they haven’t got back.
    • CARA meeting with Peter Zipf: Discussion about the new Development Application in council at Myall Street. The Chamber has no opinion on the matter but may host a meeting when it becomes open for public consultation. A special meeting can be called if necessary.
    • RV parking in Cooroy: Email from Tony Wellington reporting that new signs will be directing day parking for RVs at the green space opposite the library. Hopefully it will be up and running by Christmas.
    • ASBAS programme: Australian Small Business Advisory Services an Initiative of the Federal Government has money for business organisations to deliver advice and information to small businesses. Lynda Sandford and Danielle Taylor have looked at the programme and believe it is not suitable for the Cooroy Chamber.
    • Christmas Party: Tuesday Dec 2. Discussion about venue. RSL suggested. Andy Flitter reported that some of the bowls club members had been refused entry to the RSL. Tania Stewart will discuss with Tina if bowls club members who are also Chamber members will be denied entry if the Chamber has its Christmas Party there. If so the hotel will be the venue.
    • Future of the Butter Factory: Carol Christensen reported via email that the Cooroy Lower Mill Board is meeting with council tomorrow to discuss governance models for the running of the Butter Factory. The Noosa council community service team Kerri Contini and Fox Rodgers will be putting up options to the councillors and CLMB believe that these options will be U3A , CLMB with a community board, and leaving it with council. The general feeling of the meeting was that for the benefit of the Cooroy community the best option is the CLMB with a community board

Meeting closed at: 1.40pm.

Next meeting: December 9 2014

Venue: Cooroy Hotel

Police Report August 2014

In yet another example of how local Cooroy Police and the community are working together to keep our town safe by reducing crime and apprehending offenders, I’d like to convey the following story. Before I go into the story I’d like to again state that whilst Cooroy is a great town and a very safe place to live the community as a whole must always be vigilant against outsiders coming into the town and seeking to Continue Reading →

Police Report July 2014

“Sleepy little Cooroy. Nothing ever happens in sleepy little Cooroy.” I’d like a dollar for every time I’ve heard that comment made by an uninformed member of the public. Due to the good work of local Cooroy Police and then expert follow up investigations from the Noosa CIB and Maroochydore Police Intelligence section an international killer was brought to justice after being arrested in Tewantin and charged with Continue Reading →