Executive Meeting Minutes 10th November 2015

Cooroy Chamber of Commerce

Executive Meeting

Meeting Date: 10 November

Meeting Time: 12 noon

Meeting Venue: Cooroy Hotel, Garnet Street, Cooroy

Chamber Executive:

President: Danielle Taylor

Treasurer: Lynda Sandford

Event: Tania Stewart

Lower Mill Board Rep: Chris Bell

Vice-President: Andy Flitter

Secretary: Carol Christensen

Executive: Elona Bosboom

Executive: Sasha Gifford

Present: Danielle, Lynda, Tania, Carol, Andy, Elona, Sasha.

Apologies:   Chris Bell

  1. Minutes of Last Meeting

Minutes of the last meeting on 13 October are on the website: www.cooroy.com.au

Proposed: Danielle Taylor; Seconded: Tania Stewart

  1. Actions arising from the minutes:
  • Tania confirmed chamber will pay RSL $26 a head for Christmas Party
  • Carol has 1000 lolly pops ready for Christmas in Cooroy, Danielle to organise costumes for chamber exec. (Alice in Wonderland). Corflute signs will be placed on Darrin’s ute for Chamber float.
  • Andy has done a draft for community groups membership, will happen in 2016
  1. Treasurer’s Report:

Report emailed by Tracy – $26,136.57 in Cheque account and $25,000 in term deposit.

There is $12,400 in account receivables (money owned to chamber – mainly CIC sponsorship, membership and Kurui advertising) and $2,777.70 in acc payables (money the chamber owes – mainly CIC expenses). Plus some upcoming Kurui expenses of approx. $6000.

Proposed: Danielle Taylor; Seconded: Elona Bosboom

  1. Meetings


  • No meetings attended this month
  • Discussion took place regarding a community meeting about the Memorial Hall.
  • Danielle to check with Cr Wellington re sealing of car park behind the RSL


  • Sasha and Carol and Danielle to meet with gentleman from Neato Secretarial support regarding help for Chamber. This support could potentially be free help with Newsletter and minutes.
  1. Mail

Mail In:    Bendigo Bank approval for sponsorship of Christmas in Cooroy

AIS Insurance certificate and receipt for insurance for Christmas in Cooroy

Mail Out:         Bendigo Bank agreement for sponsorship of Christmas in Cooroy sponsorship

Ban plastic bag letter of support

  1. Reports
  • Christmas in Cooroy – all going to plan, good position financially, strong sponsorships this year
  • Sponsor a Star – Danielle to talk to CIC committee about adding Dawn Kelly, Marg Brown, Tania’s Dad Frank and Elona’s husband, Ken if no other paid sponsorships arise over next few weeks. Action: Danielle to progress
  • A few more shop windows are needed for Possums/Christmas displays – but nearly all sold
  • Kurui, Good news is Andy has done a great job gaining $10,000 in advertising, extra pages will need to be added, should be done before Christmas
  1. Other Business:
    • Christmas Party. Tania to complete ring around to gain numbers, Elona offered to assist. Action: Tania to find Lucky Door Prize
  • Danielle moved that chamber purchase a 6×3 marquee from BCF for approx $380   Seconded: Tania Stewart Action: Danielle to organise

Meeting closed at 1.15pm

Next Exec meeting: 8 December 2015 @ 12 noon Cooroy Hotel

Executive Meeting Minutes 13th October 2015

Cooroy Chamber of Commerce

Executive Meeting

Meeting Date: 13 October

Meeting Time: 12 noon

Meeting Venue: Cooroy Hotel, Garnet Street, Cooroy

Chamber Executive:

President: Danielle Taylor

Treasurer: Lynda Sandford

Event: Tania Stewart

Lower Mill Board Rep: Chris Bell

Vice-President: Andy Flitter

Secretary: Carol Christensen

Executive: Elona Bosboom

Executive: Sasha Gifford

Present: Danielle, Lynda, Tania, Chris, Andy, Carol, Elona and Guest Anne Whinning Police Volunteer

Apologies: Sasha Gifford

  1. CCTV Project funded by Govt Grant

Chamber received and email from a CCTV business in Glasshouse Mountains re grant-funded community CCTV. Lynda spoke to Sgt Mal Scott about the possibility of this project benefitting Cooroy. Anne Whinning (police volunteer) spoke to the executive of the possibility of running this project.

MOTION: Anne Whinning to be the project manager on the CCTV project.

Proposed: Danielle Taylor; Seconded Tanya Stewart; carried

ACTION: Danielle to email Anne CCTV contact details

  1. Minutes of Last Meeting

Minutes of the last meeting on 15 September are on the website: www.cooroy.com.au

Proposed: Danielle Taylor; Seconded: Andy Flitter; carried

  1. Actions arising from the minutes:
  • Carol has agreed to the Secretary position
  • Carol attended the East Side Traders meeting at the Hub. Reported that the intersection of Elm and Diamond St and the railway bridge came up. Also the need for beautification on the east side. Not sure of a future meeting.
  • Danielle and Lynda may attend the Regional Awards on October 30.
  • Danielle has given Cr Sandy Bolton feedback regarding parking. Cooroy has some 24hr parking and the exec felt that was sufficient.
  • Action: Tanya to double check with Tina, Cooroy RSL re $26/person for Christmas Party
  1. Treasurer’s Report:

Lynda presented report $15,000 approx profit YTD with approx $25000 in cheque account and $25000 in term deposit which has just been rolled over for another month.

Proposed: Lynda Sandford; Seconded: Elona Bosboom

  1. Meetings


  • Andy Fittler attended the Fusion Sponsors evening. Chris Bell reported that 4 out of the 6 councillors attended this event. A good event


  • CCIQ Quarterly breakfast– 24 October – nobody to attend
  • CCIQ Secretarial Support meeting – TBA – Danielle to attend. This support could potentially be free help with Newsletter and minutes.
  1. Mail

Mail In:    Draft Local Economic Plan Noosa Council

Noosa Agribusiness Profiler

Secretarial support for chambers

CCIQ request for letter of support for cable protection zone

Noosa Biosphere – John Wood – recycle expo

Mail Out:         Bendigo Bank paperwork for sponsorship of Christmas in Cooroy.

Cooroy Fusion letter of support

  1. Reports

Christmas in Cooroy

  • All going to plan, good position financially, strong sponsorships this year
  • Chamber to have float and go with mints and lollypops to give away – Action: Danielle to organise costumes, float and mints
  • Carol Belvedere News to donate the Lolly pops x 1000
  • Christmas in Cooroy Raffle Win a Quad Bike $5 a ticket sponsored by ATV solutions and Polaris.
    • Clytie Glass and friends (any anyone else available) to sell tickets in town 18th and 25th November
    • Dan Murphy’s ticket selling on Nov 14 – need volunteers
    • Cooroy Hotel on Melbourne Cup Day – Andy to sell tickets
    • At turning on of tree and Christmas in Cooroy also
    • Chris Bell offered to sell tickets to CLMB and Fusion members
    • Tania will sell at Guardian Pharmacy and ask RSL if we can put Quad Bike in foyer for week before Christmas in Cooroy
  • Chris asked about Christmas craft markets at Butter factory on Christmas in Cooroy day. This would be in cooperation with Noosa Council, as CLMB doesn’t take over Butter Factory until January 2016. CCofC is happy for CLMB to run with this idea.


  • Kurui – Andy has sold all spots in Kurui and more. Well done.
  • Problem with artwork from last Kurui however Sharna QMP will breakdown art work and use best she can. At least we will then have artwork in future.
  • Danielle highlighted there may be a slight loss on this project this year but given money in bank it won’t be an issue
  1. Other Business:
  • Christmas Party. Menu to be confirmed for advertising. Action Tanya to confirm menu and price as well as courtesy bus. Lucky door prizes. Sell quad bike raffle tickets at RSL and check if quad bike could be placed in foyer for that last week.
  • New Level of Membership. Danielle raised the issue of a new level of membership for community groups. CCofC has a couple of community groups paying membership if we give community groups the same level of membership as platinum but with slightly less regularity (eg less Facebook posts) than our paid members. Advantages would be more revenue for chamber, broaden our membership which is good for grant applications and when dealing with government organisations.

MOTION: that a new level of membership be offered to community groups for $50. Proposed Danielle Taylor; Seconded Elona Bosboom; carried

ACTION: Danielle and Andy to work on promoting this level to community groups – not urgent

Meeting closed at 1.50pm

Next Exec meeting: 10 November 2015 @ 12 noon Cooroy Hotel

Executive Meeting Minutes 15th September 2015

Cooroy Chamber of Commerce

Executive Meeting

Meeting Date: 15th September 2015

Meeting Time: 12 noon

Meeting Venue: Cooroy Hotel, Garnet Street, Cooroy

Chamber Executive:

President: Danielle Taylor

Treasurer: Lynda Sandford

Event: Tania Stewart

Executive: Carol Christensen

Vice-President: Andy Flitter

Secretary: Jennifer Sadler

Executive: Elona Bosboom

Executive: Sasha Gifford

Lower Mill Board Reps: Chris Bell

Present: Danielle Taylor, Andy Flitter, Lynda Sandford, Jennifer Sadler, Tania Stewart, Elona Bosboom, Sasha Gifford, Chris Bell.

Apologies: Carol Christensen

  1. Jennifer’s Resignation / Secretary Appointment

Jennifer’s resignation was discussed. Danielle & Andy volunteered to take on newsletter jointly. Carol Christensen was voted in to Secretary position. Action: As she is currently overseas, Danielle to send her message on Facebook and confirm if she is happy to take position. If not, executive agreed to look for an alternative person.

  1. Minutes of Last Meeting

Minutes of the last meeting on 11 August are on the website: www.cooroy.com.au

Proposed: Tanya Stewart; Seconded: Andy Flitter

  1. Actions arising from the minutes:
  • Follow up re money from Una to the chamber. Danielle Taylor to ask Tracy re money. Update: We have $500 from Una – executive discussed and agreed to use it for Christmas Tree dedication if that goes ahead.
  1. Treasurer’s Report:

Unofficial report presented – approximately $20K in bank and $25K in term deposit rolled over for another month.

Proposed: Lynda Sandford; Seconded: Danielle Taylor

  1. Meetings


  • Roundtable Mapping – Unemployment Tourism Noosa Boardroom 2pm 18 August – didn’t attend but had draft results which was distributed via email – Andy gave feedback
  • East side traders meeting. Carol Christensen was going to try to attend Action: discuss at next meeting when Carol is back


  • CCIQ Sunshine Coast – 24 September – Hospital tour – nobody to attend
  • CCIQ Noosa – 28 Sept – 4pm – nobody to attend
  1. Mail

Mail In:    Thank you card from Ray Kelly for condolence card

Letter from Noosa Council re festive season grant success

Warren Truss – Stronger Communities Program Grants

2015 Queensland Regional Achievement and Community Awards at Caloundra on Friday 30 October – discussed and decided if anyone wanted to attend Chamber would pay $110/ticket Action: Let Danielle know if you want to attend

CCTV options

Mail Out:         Paperwork for Festive Season grant

  1. Reports
  • Christmas in Cooroy – all going to plan, good position financially, strong sponsorships this year
  • Kurui – ongoing, Andy to send out last reminder email
  1. Other Business:
  • Dinner with the Mayor Action Andy to send out final reminder
  • Parking Times – Sandy Bolton: Discussed and agreed there was no issue as there were a variety of options in town and perhaps the person needed to be told about these different options. Action: Danielle to get back to Sandy
  • Christmas Party: Tuesday 1 December at Cooroy RSL Action: Tanya to ask Tina to confirm we will be paying the $26 member price for all attending (we have no way of checking if people are RSL members or not). We will charge $30 for our members and $35 for non-members (as we have to cover band costs).
  • Sasha asked about the Executive’s decision making process. There was discussion around the process – that it was a case by case basis and would go whichever way the majority went. If executive felt it was generally good for members and town in general – we do letter of support (eg community events, grants for environmental groups, etc); if we were undecided we’d take no position; and there could be a position where we are against it eg when Council were considering not progressing with library many years ago. In terms of developments there have really only been three in the last 10 years. The Wimmers application to go to Lake Macdonald which we supported due to jobs, keeping the business in Cooroy, etc. We supported the Myall St development because it contained components we had lobbied for many years (more accommodation in town, caravan accommodation, storage and car wash) and at the time of discussion there was nobody against that development (although later some of the exec changed their minds). We had no position on the chicken farm because the executive couldn’t come to a consensus (no majority anyway) and we felt that would be the same in the community so best to take no position. Sasha suggested we document the process. Danielle said that was possible if someone wanted to do up a draft we could all discuss and amend and vote on it.

Meeting closed at: 2pm

Next Exec meeting: 13 October 2015 @ 12 noon Cooroy Hotel

Executive Meeting Minutes 11th August 2015

Cooroy Chamber of Commerce

Executive Meeting

Meeting Date: 11th August 2015

Meeting Time: 12 noon

Meeting Venue: Cooroy Hotel, Garnet Street, Cooroy

Chamber Executive:

President: Danielle Taylor

Treasurer: Lynda Sandford

Event: Tania Stewart

Executive: Carol Christensen

Vice-President: Andy Flitter

Secretary: Jennifer Sadler

Executive: Elona Bosboom

Executive: Sasha Gifford

Lower Mill Board Reps: Chris Bell

Present: Danielle Taylor, Andy Flitter, Lynda Sandford, Jennifer Sadler, Tania Stewart, Elona Bosboom, Carol Christensen, Sasha Gifford, Chris Bell.

Apologies: Nil

Minutes of the last meeting on July 14 are on the website: www.cooroy.com.au. In the absence of any questions Tania Stewart proposed and Elona Bosboom seconded the motion that the minutes be accepted. Vote unanimous.

Actions arising from the minutes:

  1. Queensland Week Grant: Follow up re the east side traders. Have they come up with an event? Carol Christensen reported that the traders discussed various options for events but infrastructure problems (parking and where to hold the event etc) were a bar to going ahead.
  2. Carol Christensen advised Danielle Taylor to speak to Tex Pipke and the council re the space for the photo competition at Christmas in Cooroy. Danielle Taylor reported that the Butter Factory is booked for the photograph competition.
  3. The CCIQ Noosa had a lot of recognition at the Australian Business Week awards ceremony event. Lynda Sandford will try to find out the monetary value provided by CCIQ Noosa. Lynda Sandford reported that CCIQ Noosa donate $500 cash to the event. The Chamber donates prizes to the value of about $480.00. Alison Rexa prefers to have the prizes for the students. After some discussion, next year the Cooroy Chamber will provide the prizes and some cash and will receive the same recognition as the CCIQ Noosa.
  4. Follow up re baubles for the Christmas tree, the traffic plan for the roundabout and money from Una to the chamber. Danielle Taylor will ask Tracy if the money was returned to Una. If not it may be suitable for decorations. Danielle Taylor will speak to Tracy about Una’s donation. The bauble issue hasn’t been raised again.
  5. Economic Project Focus Group – 17 June –. The Council will develop an economic plan. Danielle Taylor attended. The discussion papers are available and all the Executive members received a copy.

New Business

  1. Treasurer’s Report: Lynda Sandford reported that there is $8061.00. Term Deposit has $25,000.00. Up to the 11th August the Chamber has income of $20125.00 with expenses totalling $22695.27.  Giving the Chamber a $2570.27 loss. Chamber has Aged debtors of $10,800.00.  (Money owing to us.)  This is mainly made up of CIC sponsorship invoices and a few outstanding memberships.

In the absence of any questions of the Treasurer Lynda Sandford Proposed and Danielle Taylor                                       Seconded the motion that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted.

  1. Meetings
    • Attended:
      • Enabling Infrastructure. Broadband. NBN Co Meeting 22 July 8am Council Tewantin – Sasha Gifford reported that there are 3 types NBN wireless to the tower – Black Mountain and parts of Lake Macdonald have it already, fibre optic and Australian satellite that will focus on regional areas. Noosa will be covered in about 18 months. Sasha has some questions re the Cooroy businesses that she will contact the presenter to get some answers to.
      • CCIQ Renewing Australia / Marcus Westbury 31/7 Danielle Taylor, Sasha Gifford and Carol Christensen. Excellent meeting reported by the members of the executive who attended. The idea is to negotiate with businesses with empty premises for start-up enterprises to occupy them rent free on a monthly basis with the option to lease if the enterprise is successful. It has operated successfully in Noosa Junction already. Discussion took place re the need for the proposal to be implemented in Cooroy. Cooroy has very few empty premises and when they become empty they are very soon rented out. It was agreed that at this time Cooroy is not in need of this proposal.
      • Noosa Business Leaders Meeting with RDASC Tourism Noosa Boardroom 3 August 1pm. Danielle Taylor reported that with the new government in place very little will happen until things start moving..
      • CCIQ Noosa Management Committee – Andy Flitter was unable to attend as the notice was too short. As the CCIQ Noosa AGM is coming up and the executive will be changing, the dates of their meetings may change.
    • Forthcoming:
      • Roundtable Mapping – Unemployment – Tourism Noosa Boardroom – 2pm 18 August. Anyone can attend.
      • East side traders meeting. Carol Christensen to attend.
  1. Mail In / Out
    • Mail In: Letter from Noosa Council re development on Myall St., Letter from Ron McCarthy.
    • Mail Out: Noosa Council 2015-16 Events Grant
  2. Reports
    • Christmas in Cooroy: Some sponsorships have been confirmed. Some including IGA are waiting to be confirmed. New decorations are needed and they are very expensive. Some of the rooftop decorations need to have their sponsorship increased. Grants have been applied for.
    • Kurui update: The Business Directory is completed, advertisers have to be followed up and the copy needs to be done.
  3. Other Business:
    • Noosa Economic Plan discussion paper: All the executive have a copy of the papers.
    • Facebook for Business Wrap Up: There have been positive reports. 17 people who booked didn’t turn up. Suggestion to ask everyone at the next event to present their business cards so that email addresses can be obtained and to also have a satisfaction form to be filled in by the attendees. Danielle Taylor reported that the council has Project Grants coming up and it may be possible to obtain a grant to run workshops on other forms of IT for businesses. Danielle will apply for a grant.
    • Ron McCarthy Letter (attached) Discussion about the comment that there is no voice to speak for the east side of town. It was strongly felt that the chamber deals fairly with the east side of town and sites as an example the recent invitation to the east side traders to hold an event for Queensland Week. Carol Christensen will attend the meeting.
    • Dinner with the Mayor: October 6 venue to be arranged. Tania will get quotes from the RSL and the hotel for dinner menu for both the Christmas Party and for the Dinner with the Mayor.
    • Danielle away 8 to 12 September: Because Danielle is away the next meeting will be one week later.
    • Myall Street development refusal: (4 reasons for refusal attached). There was discussion about the 4 reasons for council’s refusal of the development particularly 3 and 4. Opinions were divided among the executive members about the validity of the reasons, predominantly about the benefits to the town and the businesses. A number of the executive members felt that their businesses would lose patronage if the development were to go ahead. Other members felt that was a condition of doing business. Some members felt that the Elm St traffic conditions would not be adversely affected by the development. It was felt that there was need for a storage facility and a car wash and competition with the existing Service Stations would be a good thing. Sasha Gifford will ask the new proprietor of the BP if he would like to join the Chamber.
    • The new RV parking: in the car club grounds should be ready in the next school holidays. It will need to be advertised.
    • Mill Board Representative: Chris Bell to be the Chamber’s representative on the Lower Mill Board.

Meeting closed at: 1.45pm

Next Exec meeting: 15 September 2015 at 12 noon

Venue: Cooroy Hotel

Myall St Development reasons for refusal

myall street


Police Report December 2015

cooroy police reportCCTV Camera systems have become an extremely valuable tool by which police are able to detect criminals and solve crime thus stopping further offences from occurring. I can think of many times where minor and major incidents have been solved by a simple image captured on a CCTV camera system.

One that comes to mind in the recent past is the case of 29 year old Melbourne woman Jill Meagher when she was attacked, raped and murdered on the streets of Melbourne in 2012.

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Police Report November 2015

cooroy police reportA timely reminder in regards to leaving valuables in unattended cars is needed with a smash and grab type offence that occurred in the Noosa Botanical Gardens Car Park on Lake Macdonald Dr, Cooroy on the 30/10/2015 at about 1.15pm when an unfortunate lady left her baby bag and handbag in the front seat of her car before going for a walk in the gardens.

Witnesses state that they heard a car alarm sound however by the time people arrived on the scene the offender(s) had fled.

Entry had been gained to the car by smashing a fist sized hole in the passenger side front door window which gave access to the door lock.

That night, some of the property stolen in this offence was located in Noosa with police inquiries identifying a vehicle of interest being a Blue 2001 Holden Commodore Sedan with Qld Rego similar to 820IEA. Continue Reading →

Police Report August 2015

cooroy police reportThe Central Region Road Safety week is to be held in August with an increased emphasis on the detection of offences linked to the Fatal Five causes of serious and fatal traffic accidents namely Drink/Drug Driving, Seatbelts, Inattention and distraction, Speeding and driving Fatigued.

Each day during the road safety week police will be out in force to spread the road safety message through driver education initiatives and enforcement strategies.

By now most people would be aware of the huge emphasis that police place on road safety due to the high rates of fatal and serious traffic accidents occurring across the region and police make no apology for targeting unsafe drivers who place us all at risk by having a poor attitude to road safety.

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Police Report July 2015

cooroy iconWARNING, Random Roadside Drug Testing is coming to Cooroy and expect to be caught if you are using illegal drugs and driving a motor vehicle.

Driving under the influence of drugs is dangerous and affects a driver’s ability to drive and increases the risk of causing a serious or fatal traffic accident.

In the past the ability of police to detect drug drivers has been hampered due to no roadside test kit being available with the only means of detecting the presence of drugs in a drivers system being to take the driver to a hospital and taking blood which was often a very labour intensive and time consuming exercise.

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Police Report June 2015

cooroy iconRecently I have received a number of phone calls from concerned mums and dads as well as from members of the Cooroy Community expressing concerns with the scourge of unlawful drugs and the perceived ease that drugs seem to be available to our young people.

Cooroy Police are very active in detecting drug use and supply as Cooroy Officers all have our own teenage kids and the risk there is the same as with the general community.

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times that the proactive nature of the Cooroy community never ceases to amaze me. Some communities will just sit back and whinge about a problem and blame everyone else for whatever the issue is and do nothing to help solve the problem themselves.

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Minutes of AGM 2nd June 2015

Cooroy Chamber of Commerce

Annual General Meeting Minutes (Download a Copy Here to Read Later)

Meeting Date: 2nd June 2015

Meeting Time: 5.45pm for a 6pm start

Meeting Venue: Cooroy Hotel

President: Danielle Taylor                                                   Vice President: Andy Flitter

Secretary: Jennifer Sadler                                                    Treasurer: Lynda Sandford

Event:  Tania Stewart                                                           Executive: Nikki Macdonald

Executive: Elona Bosboom                                                  Executive: Durnford Dart

Lower Mill Board Rep:Carol Christensen  Chris Bell

Present: Danielle Taylor (Firefly Solutions), Carol and Gary Christensen (Belvedere Newsagency), Di Dart (Bamboo Australia), Durnford Dart (Bamboo Australia), Elona Bosboom (Cooroy Car Parts), Jennifer Sadler (The Forest Star), Lynda Sandford (WS Waterproofing), Murray Brown (Hinternoosa) , Mal Scott (Police), Peter Lyle (The Forest Star), Tania Stewart (Cooroy Central Pharmacy), Tex and Robyn Pipke (Retired), Frank Wilkie (Councillor), Sandy Bolton (Councillor), Andy Flitter (Our Town Apps), Shanna Moyes (QMP), David Lafferty (Bendigo Bank), David Mancktelow (Mower and ATV Solutions), Judy Ditter (Mrs Fixit), Tony Wellington (Noosa Council), Anne Winning (Police volunteer), Tina Mayfield (Cooroy RSL), Nev Kane (BP 7 RE), Sasha Gifford(Mrs Fixit), Tracy and Seb Vecchio (CJ Taxation Services).

Apologies: Clara Goodwin, Ray Kelly, Michelle Watt, Peter Wellington, Carol Dolan, Irene Smith, Joe Jurisevic, Kimberley Lynch, Chris Calogeros, Geoff Edwards, Darran Taylor, Frank Pardon.


1.0   President Danielle Taylor opened the meeting at 7.00 pm and welcomed members and guests.

2.0   President’s Report June 2 2015: Cooroy Chamber of Commerce Inc. Danielle Taylor

It’s become fairly traditional for the President’s report to be a huge list of achievements by a Chamber of Commerce that clearly continues to punch above its weight. This year is no different and that is due to the fantastic efforts of the individuals who selflessly volunteer their time for the benefit of our members and the broader community.

There are so many people to thank that it is impossible for me to name everyone individually so I’d like to give a big thank you to everyone that has donated their time over the last twelve months – thank you and congratulations on the efforts you have achieved for our fantastic Noosa Hinterland community!

Executive Committee

The executive committee deserve a special mention as they have all contributed in their own way of the last 12 months – Vice President Andy Flitter, Treasurer Lynda Sandford, Secretary Jennifer Sadler, Events Executive Tania Stewart, Elona Bosboom, Nikki McDonald, Durnford Dart and jointly holding the Mill Board Executive spot, Carol Christensen and Chris Bell. I recently read a quote which made me immediately think of the Chamber Executive team:

Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless.

So please give a big thank you to the volunteer executive who have donated hundreds of hours of their priceless time from their busy lives.

Cooroy App

There isn’t really a year that has gone by where we haven’t expanded our services to our members. This year the new addition to the family was the Chamber leasing the rights to the Cooroy App.

This has been a real win win situation for the Chamber and its members. Chamber has increased membership and revenue and members who were previously paying an advertising fee for the Cooroy App and a membership fee for the Chamber have had these packaged together resulting in a saving of up to $230 per year.

Plus of course this now means we have a mighty arsenal that we can use to promote our members to the local community and visitors. The Cooroy App, Facebook, Website, Kurui and member newsletters with a combined reach of over 24000 people each week! Obviously that means we are reaching nearly everyone in Cooroy a few times each week plus people from outside the area which means we have fantastic exposure for local businesses.

Where else can you get that type of exposure for $270/year? If we were running the Chamber as an advertising company you could expect to pay 10 times that amount.


Another major project this year was the upgrade of Cooroy’s website to make it mobile responsive so it can be viewed on phones, tablets and pcs. We also gave it a new look and feel and added functionality. It continues to be a fantastic resource that the community and visitors alike use which in turn promotes our members through the business directory, calendar and latest news.

Networking Night

The networking night a couple of months ago was a huge success. About 80 businesses got together and we received really positive feedback about how valuable it was. This is one of the events on the Chamber calendar that is not to be missed. A big thank you to Tania, Nikki, Andy, David & Mel Lafferty for all their work on the event and the Cooroy State School for providing the venue.


Who here reads the weekly Chamber newsletter? Well done to those who do. For those who don’t this is some of the things you’ve missed out on:

  • A plethora of free training sessions, workshops and webinars
  • Networking night invitations
  • Updates from Council and information about roadshows, meetings and various other council matters affecting businesses
  • Special offers for and from members
  • Opportunities to promote your business
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Business grant and award opportunities
  • And much, much, more!

The sheer amount of information that we get to the Chamber is overwhelming. Jennifer does a fantastic job of distilling that information and collating it into a weekly newsletter for members. It is a fantastic communication tool that is very valuable. I recommend you take 10 minutes each week and read it!


The Facebook Page, Cooroy Heart of Noosa Country has continued to grow and we now have over 2400 Likers which is more than half of the people in Cooroy that are on Facebook and we’ve achieved that in 18 months. We continue to promote members and community groups on the page and are getting a lot of really positive feedback and interaction. Even if you don’t have a Facebook page for your business we are promoting you on our pages and if you do have a page we are also cross promoting to your page.


We have attended many meetings and committees across the Coast throughout the year including CCIQ Sunshine Coast which is the meetings of all the chambers across the Sunshine Coast and various other meetings and events where we represented the Cooroy business community. One thing I am always very proud of is that the Cooroy Chamber has a solid reputation throughout the region for being active and strong.

The Chamber also continues to work with all levels of government across a wide range of issues from caravan parking to traffic and unemployment issues.

We have also just been given a seat at the table of the Local Economic Plan Project Focus Group being co-ordinated by Noosa Council to develop the new Noosa Economic Plan. Our first meeting was last night which was extremely positive with great involvement from some of the brightest economic minds in the region.

Dinner with the Mayor

Last year, Mayor Noel Playford continued our Dinner with the Mayor tradition. This dinner provides an opportunity to get to know your mayor on a more personal level and to receive an update on the state of affairs for the region. He’ll be doing this again on 6 October so put that date in your diary!

Christmas in Cooroy

We had another fantastic success with Christmas in Cooroy having its 10th anniversary last year. This event just goes from strength to strength and we had the biggest turn out yet with estimates of over 10000 people attending. One thing is for sure, it is a great community celebration which brings the entire town together. Through its various strategies and competitions it also has become a great way to attract people into town throughout December and to highlight our unique offerings.

We also upgraded the Christmas in Cooroy website so it is also mobile responsive and can now be viewed on all devices. Plus it has a great new look and feel and more info than ever before.

It is the great support we receive from the many sponsors that make this event possible. Again there are so many that do so many things I won’t list them all or we could be here all night. But please everyone give a big thank you to those businesses who support Christmas in Cooroy and the Rotary Club of Cooroy as they are our partners in running this event. And of course we can’t forget the volunteers including the organising committee. We had over 100 volunteers again and hundreds of hours of volunteer time that go into this event. For everyone involved – thank you!


The Cooroy Chamber of Commerce has been in a position this year to sponsor several local events through either in-kind assistance such as promotion via our marketing tools; the donation of our marquees; volunteer effort from the executive committee; or small financial donations. These events include Australian Business Week at the Noosa District State High School, Cooroy Fusion run by the Lower Mill Board and Cooroy Originals run by East Coast Originals. We hope that we can continue to be involved in fantastic events like these in the future.

General meetings

We have steady attendances at general meetings but we would always welcome more members to attend. The bi-monthly meetings and different formats has reinvigorated our attendance numbers.   This year we have had a general meeting, Dinner with the Mayor, a networking night, Christmas Party and the AGM. We are going to continue with that format for the next 12 months and may also squeeze in a breakfast or a second networking night if we can swing it.

Sgt Mal Scott when available has presented a police report at our general meetings. We are so lucky to have such a dedicated and community minded police officer. Thank you Mal.

A thank you also needs to go to our local councillors, at most meetings we have had at least one of our councillors attend and provide updates on a wide range of issues. They are also all very approachable, and have achieved results on several issues of importance and has kept us informed throughout the year.

A big thank you also needs to go to the Cooroy Hotel for providing us with a venue to host our meetings.

Kurui: Your Guide to Cooroy

So with all those successes making it a very full year, we have let one project slip through the cracks and that is updating the Kurui: Your Guide to Cooroy. The main stumbling block has been time. We are ready to go with updating it but are just trying to find someone with some good sales and communication skills that can help us to do this as it is quite an onerous task.

This booklet is a great promotion for the entire town and highlights how much Cooroy really does have to offer visitors and locals alike. We are getting regular calls from information centres from far and wide to restock these. So this is our next project. Every member gets a free listing in the business directory so its another great benefit to our members.


As you can see we have our fingers in a lot of pies and that doesn’t happen by accident. The Executive have made a concerted effort to give our members every benefit we can.

I have had a great time representing Cooroy Chamber and I strongly urge any member to actively seek a position on the executive. It does involve a commitment of time and energy but it is a rewarding experience and you get to work with a great bunch of people and achieve some fantastic things.

So I’d just like to reiterate what I said at the start – thank you! Thank you to the executive for a great and busy year. Thank you also to our all our members – thank you for volunteering, for attending meetings, for reading the newsletters, for participating in any of the various projects we’ve undertaking and for being a member which gives us strength of numbers. All of these things contribute to the success of our Chamber which in turn ensures we can keep striving to achieve more and more for our fantastic businesses and local community.

3.0   Comments re President’s Report: David Lafferty proposed that the wording in the last paragraph be changed to ‘big hearted Chamber’ and ‘big hearted community’. Unanimous approval.

4.0   Appointment of Chair – Tex Pipke was appointed to chair the AGM.

5.0   Minutes from last AGM June 3rd 2014: On Chamber website: www.cooroy.com.au

Questions arising from the minutes: Nil

In the absence of any questions Elona Bosboom proposed and Andy Flitter seconded the motion that the minutes be accepted. Vote passed

6.0   Auditors Report: Lynda Sandford gave a brief outline of the performance of the Chamber over the year. There was $46,000 in the bank last year, $36,000 this year. Loss is due to the upgrade to the website and increase in expenses. Turnover for the year was $70,000.

Lynda Sandford proposed and Tania Stewart seconded the motion that the report be accepted. Vote passed.

The Auditor’s report is available for members to peruse. Click to Download Here

7.0   Confirm Auditor for 2015-2016 year: LMC Financial Services Noosa proposed by Tania Stewart and seconded by Danielle Taylor. Vote Unanimous.

8.0   All current Chamber executive members stand down and their positions declared vacant

We have duly completed nomination forms with the nominating member and that of a seconding member for the following positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Events Executive and 2 other executives. No nominations will be taken from the floor for these positions.

Position                  Name                                         Business name                       Nominated by            Seconded byPresident               Danielle Taylor                        Firefly Solutions                     Andy Flitter                 Tania StewartVice President     Andy Flitter                              Our Town Apps                      Jennifer Sadler           Tania Stewart

Treasurer               Linda Sandford                       WS Waterproofing                Carol Christensen    Andy Flitter

Secretary                Jennifer Sadler                       The Forest Star                       Tania Stewart             Danielle Taylor

Events Executive Tania Stewart Cooroy Guardian Phmcy.                              Jennifer Sadler        Linda Sandford

Executive               Elona Bosboom                      Cooroy Car Parts                     Andy Flitter                 Danielle Taylor

Executive               Carol Christensen                  Belvedere Newsagency           Danielle Taylor           Linda Sandford

Media Executive                           Not filled

Executive (Mill Board Rep)       Appointed by the Mill Board – Chris Bell

Media Executive position not filled.   Media Executive position changed to Executive position.

Nomination from the floor for Executive position: Sasha Gifford (Mrs. Fixit), nominated by Andy Flitter and          Seconded by Tania Stewart.

All the nominated persons accepted their positions.

9.0    Other Business
Chairperson Tex Pipke thanked the outgoing Executive members and congratulated the new Executive members. He thanked the members for attending. Tex said that it has been a pleasure for him to work in the community and with the Chamber and now with the Lower Mill Board that has a long connection with the Chamber.

Meeting closed: 7.25pm

Next AGM: Tuesday 7th June 2016   Venue:     TBA